New Bible, Same God, 19SEP – #1251


I splurged on myself, well not really, $7.50 was 50% off for a new King James Bible with larger print. Yeah I own a couple dollar store King James editions to float around in my car, but this feels at least 7 dollars better in paper quality, 15 even, LOL… I’ve appreciated my pocket King James bible that fits in my purse, only $4.50 at the thrift book store, and actually 99% of the time I read scriptures the Bible Gateway website so I can cut and paste, yet a new Bible reflects a new slice of life, a new chapter. New book, updated font, but SAME God.

I’m rolling over from Revelation to Genesis soon – that is why I bought a new bible so that I can take notes in the sides of the pages. I am feasting in faith, learning so much because I need to know the right stuff to teach it, and I personally am appreciative of the opportunity to sing loudly (especially in the car), pray deeply, and learn. For I am a now early riser – we 8am folks are sitting on the edge of our seats to these scriptures. Listen once, Listen twice (as the teachings are always on the app), and Learn Forever. SO much good teaching online, in person (thank God for vaccinations), or whether on the drive to/from work – or even while doing the dishes. I need to hear it. We need to hear it. I need to live it. We need to live it. And we all need to READ AHEAD. (I even wrote an encouragement poem for the pastor because he asks everyone to read ahead. I mean if the Lord makes me available to encourage him just a tiny bit, why wouldn’t I? He’s a shepherd to nearly 10,000 sheep plus radio internet sheep!!! I’m not too embarrassed to slip him a tiny slip of paper note. Even if he uses it to spit his gum into, it MIGHT be useful. God knows.) New teachings, SAME GOD. (and gum gets old but God doesn’t).

You know, I never really knew 90% of what was in the Bible.  I importantly knew of Jesus (and now know of life IN Jesus), but I knew so little background of prophecy. So, for example, I never knew there were phases of the heavens and earth, never knew about the millennium, never knew about the New City of gemstones unimaginably beautiful with gates and walls labeled for the 12 apostles and 12 disciples. I heard about a new garden foretold in that God Himself lived there. I’ve scratched maybe, if that, the surface of understanding. I’ve been wrong too, but I’ve learned. And I’ve learned, importantly, to KEEP LEARNING. New info, SAME God.

As for those 12 tribes of Israel, the term Israel is the new name God gave Jacob. Jacob, one of the sons of Isaac, who cheated his brother Esau out of his rightful inheritance. Jacob who wrestled against God. Jacob who loved his youngest son Joseph so much. The 12 tribes of Israel named for the the 12 sons of Jacob (named either descending from the son or grandson). The twelve tribes are: Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Benjamin, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Ephraim and Manasseh. Son Joseph  (think technicolor Dream Coat think Donny Osmond) was the youngest and brought them all to Egypt for their benefit. Eventual Pharaoh-rulers changed from good to bad and turned them later into slaves – and Moses got them out. Think plagues. Moses rescued Israel. New rescues still today, SAME God.

Moses kept count of the people (multiple censuses for hundreds of thousands of men, women and children). God kept them in line. (He tried but so many rebelled). The people kept wandering. The 12 tribes made it to the Promised Land (Moses didn’t) and the 12 tribes people only barely survived as a few with intact Jewish descendants. Later, Jesus was the promise they had heard about. Jesus’s Mary and Joseph came from the tribe of Judah. Then and now Jesus counted upon the descendants of Israel to remember those scriptures which foretold of Him coming.  Jesus traveled. Jesus came home. The disciples traveled.  The Holy Spirit gave them the gusto. God expanded Grace and Holy Spirit to the Gentiles. Knowledge of Christ and Christianity grew measurably and immeasurably. God kept count and Jesus keeps counting on us. The disciples all were martyred except John who went on to teach wisdom until his 90’s. John was the beloved youngest and oldest disciple. John took down the whole book of Revelation as he was carried away by the Spirit to see and witness and record. We now know our beginning and our middle and our new beginning. In Christ we won’t end. Jesus won’t end either. New beginning, SAME God.

A new beginning AD, a new map today compared to the map of 12 tribes in the Promised Land, but still the place to watch – and increasingly now our future is mapped out on earth with only limited days. “Teach us Lord to number our days.” New days, SAME GOD.

Why should we read The Bible and who wrote it anyway? Who translated it. Who saved it. Who believes in it. That’s why we study it. Scholars? actually it was written by Moses (the Law), the Prophets, the apostles, and the disciples who came after. So many translations exist and yet the King James Version from the 1600s still makes an impact today. The Geneva Bible was before KJV. And now the NIV and ESV are modern translations. New translations, SAME God. Jesus read the Bible in Hebrew and Greek, Jesus spoke Aramaic a dialect of the Galilee area, having his childhood in Nazareth (much north of Bethlehem). Jesus IS the Bible, the Scriptures He tells of Himself and His journey (pilgrimage) from Dark to Light, Son to Servant. Servant to Slain. Slain to Savior. Savior to Salvation. Jesus is the Word made flesh. We like Easter-morning believers will see Him renewed again. Us too. New flesh, SAME God. 


Scriptures are the sounds in the wilderness of our lives to resonate and ring true. Out of darkness came light, light overcoming dark, light overcoming death. Light forever. “And there shall be no night there; and they need no lamp, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.” New LIGHT, SAME God.

Thank God.


Maps from my new bible.

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