Does my Temple have a Moat? 19MAR


I’ve let my Temple stretch a little, Christmas carbs, January junk, February foodies, March madness and of course a total lack of exercise. Not too bad but can’t fit my fancy pants, need to reduce a layer of winter insulation. Spring means springing out into the world. Yes, our bodies are our Temples, actually our bodies are to be Temples for God, made by God for WORSHIP. Temples however that MOVE. I need to get moving. 

Temples in us should MOVE in motion. Moses moved the Tabernacle (many times), it was portable and contained no less interactions with God than Solomon’s Temple, built solid in the ground. Solomon was allowed to build this amazing temple for God, David,  before son Solomon, was not called to build it, and before them the wandering Israelites were not called to build a building that stayed “stationary”. Yes, the Israelites even had to pick up and CARRY the tabernacle. What they did build to STAY on the ground were mementos of items to remind them of God’s rescue (like stones from the middle of the Jordan River). That way they remembered everytime they walked by. (Do we remember times God sustained us when we had none? Money woes? Illness?  How about rescue from injuries? God helps us.)

Our Temples of our bodies should MOVE. Our Temples of our bodies should walk by these memories of God’s rescue.  Our Temples of sharing should open. Our worship of God should be our praise.

Yes, our worship of God should be our praise, and our faith and sanity should not simply rely upon a drawbridge to raise. If I wonder of my walk of faith, should I build my personal Temple into a fortified castle?  with a moat? Is my Temple all about defense? Block out the world? (Try not to gloat at the size of our protective moats.) Or is it best to bring our Temple out into the wilderness in a tent, camping away from everyone? Or should our Temple, trusting the process of putting on God’s Armor, be out in the open and walking among God’s people.  Probably a bit of each of these things. Mainly our Temple should be made like a clay pot, by God’s Hand, tough walls but open for Holy Spirit filling. And if it falls down? It can roll with the punches. 

Let us take a moment to spruce up the Temple grounds and place ourselves in a nourishing area of encouraging folks. Let us embrace this new springtime, warmer weather, flowers blooming, let us make best use of our Temples. 

Remember, our Temples ARE like Solomon’s Temple in one way, they will eventually CRUMBLE. So, try not to grumble at the crumble. 

Consecrate our Temples Lord for WORSHIP, let us pick it up and follow You!

Pick up the pace and finish this race!


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