“Don’t Copy Me!”


It is with JOY that I joined into a new OLD church as a NEW member. It’s not simply that I like to go there (and I really do), but because I gave careful consideration that I felt the Lord Himself has placed me there, to worship, work, wait, wonder. “There are no coincidences in life”, my friend always says… This is the same friend who had invited me to visit outdoor worship one fall day in the Firefighters park, where I walked in, knew 6 people, including the pastor from our deep connection 20 years prior raising and nursing our baby girls those crucial early months, and walking in that day I felt it was a SET-UP by God Himself, I have no doubt!. New season, sprinkled by God into my scene. (I then bought a new old chair for the park to watch the Lord walk me into this!).

So yesterday (IN the church now for winter), the little boy next to me, joining officially with his parents, was as CUTE as he could be, as CUTE as he is rambunctious, always enlivening our congregation in his presence. He settled next to me at the altar and playfully participated in answering the Pastor’s questions. I did feel he spoke with real power from his soul in saying: “I DO” to the pastor’s questions of joining and confessing our need for Christ. I know we are to learn FAITH from the little children UNHINDERED. 

Sure, it was “whirlwind witness”, the quick ceremony, but we DID get the questions ahead of time to ponder. I PONDERED. I double checked myself, did I believe? Yes! (questions are posted below)… Yes, Lord I am a sinner even if I hate to admit it. I realize sin in retrospect and rescuing in flashbacks. I sin forward in commission and omission. Lord, I know I am working on my walking. Thanks for carrying me.

By the third question this little boy had increased his powerful “I DO” answers that made me CHUCKLE. The third or fourth time I answered a little late and he blurted out to me “DON’T COPY ME!!!” I smiled at my conviction just as much as his cuteness, because he IS right (my small friend) and He IS Right (the big H of Him Almighty “I AM”). We are NOT to be copycats or crowd followers, EVERYONE should answer on their own. EVERYONE must answer for themselves. (Not just answer the pastor but also answer the Lord’s Call on their lives.) Each person, according to His Will, powered by the Holy Spirit within us, should answer Truthfully of the Truth of worship while in worship, answer Spiritually while within the Spirit of worship. Witness your walk (and those days He has carried you too).

The Holy Spirit moves us, sometimes more rapidly than we could imagine, for multitudes of purposes we really can’t wrap out heads around. The Holy Spirit can CHANGE THE SEASON, that we are in, just as commonly fast as obtaining 70 degrees 2 days after snow. 

I do feel blessed that I could serve at this church. I do feel blessed that it can be a home base to bounce into the week. And yet it is MOST important in the binding of me onto their membership roles that we live with a SPIRITUAL STICK-TO-IT-NESS, especially and really say “I DO” to the Holy Spirit. Isn’t this like our whole life IS a build up wedding, the Bride of Christ (us) to our Bridegroom (Jesus) when He returns. (Got oil in your lamp? Fire in your heart?)

Let’s say I DO now in HOPE to His banquet feast, eternal peace, unity in knowing Him as Lord and Savior. 

These are the questions I pondered and will ponder. I underlined words enforcing of my need for Him and my LOVE of His Word:

Do you acknowledge yourself to be a SINNER in God’s sight, justly deserving His displeasure, and without HOPE, except through His sovereign MERCY? (“I do”)

Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior of sinners, and do you receive and depend upon Him alone for SALVATION? (“I do”)

Do you now resolve and promise, in humble reliance upon the GRACE of the Holy Spirit, to endeavor to LIVE as becomes a follower of Christ? (“I do”)

To the best of your ability, do you promise to serve Christ in His Church through it worship and work? (“I do”)

Do you submit to the government and discipline of the Church, and do you promise to further its unity and peace?  (“I do”)

I know it is important to NOT flippantly answer these questions, but speak with Spirit and Truth of the need for Jesus. PEACE and UNITY come IN HIS NAME and POWER. 

Worshiping thru the Holy Spirit allows and MOVES ME AND EACH OF US to become FOLLOWERS. This is why we HUNGER for SCRIPTURE, HUNGER for HOPE, kneel in His Mercy, BE HIS.


Prayers for all to say: “I DO”…



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