The Biggest Rock First


I told coworkers, both junior and super senior to me about a work seminar, “Executive Motherhood”, which I took time to attend last week. It was about thinking STRATEGY vs EXECUTION to get stuff done. So I remembered and suggested to them this GREAT video as a GREAT reminder for “putting first things first” (which you know works even better when we put the Lord first and give Him our burdens). The four-minute video below is a Franklin Covey effective habit, putting big rocks into a jar first then the little ones. It doesn’t work otherwise. Please watch it or the many videos like it. Little pebbles or sand represent the many small things that clog the way of big important things to place in your life. Yet the small stuff also is important to get done. It’s all about what you do first.

Put the best and biggest rocks (and Rock) FIRST in life, that’s the recommendation for how we are to structure our days. Of course this concept really is about the Lord of our days, letting Him lead our ways,  being our foundation. We also see over and over again in scripture how God blesses the praising, the preparation, the obedience, and the moments we let Him Work for us. Be Still and know He is Lord. 

It’s not a surprise but an amazing wonder that when I rearranged my thinking these past few days, that God got me super organized and got me focused… and I finished many things work-wise with good gaps for enjoyment too, like an hour phone call with a friend inside an arboretum near work as my late lunch. One thing that got pushed on me as super urgent last week was, but I knew the other folders on my desk were so close to being finished and more pressing and more deadline looming And with any new projects, we can see more time being wasted in freak outs over work. But that all subsides when we all get down to business). How I responded first was in prayer then rearranged just so slightly those folders (physical and mental), then I worked on the urgent project enough to placate the worriers and the planners, and I was then gifted back the incentive to clear out those old things from my plate. Now I both have more time to work on this AND someone took something off my plate too. Now I have found that in serving, God found a short window of opportunity for me to travel up home too (early next week). FIRST THINGS FIRST. In life, in family, in work, in everything. Yeah, the Lord arranged and worked me to rework my head. That how He led.

Each day let us start with the Lord as a FIRM FOUNDATION. He can Plan like no other. REALLY!!!

Clearly the Lord is the BIGGEST Rock for us. PUT HIM FIRST. Put Him first ESPECIALLY because He WAS here first and He already knows our future (not in predetermined fate but in prepared walk with Him). 

Each day can shake out in His Way. 

Rock of Ages. (Don’t take Him for granite).


(PS that granite joke is accredited to a great preacher friend who is a reacher to people for God… thanks)


Watch the video here:

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