9 to 4


I often pray so hard for a sudden event but follow up with praise afterwards so much more minimally than I should. I have LOTS of praise, and God has even MORE goodness than we could ever praise. 

Praise and prayers for my travelling – classic pray a lot – but how much better for me to start with praise for the last time God delivered answered prayers… in other words  praise praise praise. My vacation time was great, started last Saturday after SLEEPING: 9 to 4! Wanted 5am, but God got me up even earlier, seeing how He thought I was well rested enough to spend the extra hour with Him..  I did write some part of this devotion then,  then wrote alot of others on vacation like I was clearing my mental backlog by remembering to praise! I finished up a fun song below, from what I didn’t finish that first morning before the plane flight. 

It’s back to work now and “regular” life, but praising? We (I) should be praising even more!

Here is the song! Sing it with me! (Inspired by Dolly Parton’s genius)

Sleeping 9 to 5, 

Exhausted from your livin’

Barely gettin’ by

It’s all nappin’ and no dreamin’

You could lose your mind

And the bed is not forgivin’.

It’s enough to drive you

Crazy if you let it.


Sleepin’ 9 to 4

What a way to start vacation’.

Sleepin’ 9 to 3

God needs you in devotion’.

Sleepin’ 9 to 2

“Don’t go there” dream interruptn’. 

It’s enough to drive you

Praise-y if you let it.


Praising 24/7

That’s how we should be livin’.

God has got us GOOD.

How can we be forgettin’ ?

Rescued me,

I am forever grateful. 

It’s enough to drive you 

Joyful and you know it!!!


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