Zipper Faith, 12MAY – #141



email with a friend, Zipper Faith,12MAY

I appreciate our discussions, and those I have with Pastor, because we can discuss and I am not criticized for not knowing some bible stories…. because I did have many years (schooling and teaching) of bible learning, and I did take the stories to heart….always…. even if I was 50:50 on whether the bible writers stretched the truth (maybe Jesus was just a prophet with a good publicist) I still listened and believed in the messages of the stories… I never doubted God…. the life lessons were and are always valid.

I do see similarities between me and Peter, I know his stories the best, but I didn’t deny Jesus AFTER knowing him, I pray I don’t ever… I really don’t think I will… I trust God 100%, I even believed in the holy spirit 99.44% before this….now I am 100% on everything God…

My faith was kinda a zipper that is smooth at the beginning, had a peg out of place in the middle, but then was smooth again at the end…..why, I don’t know… but seeing the corruption of man had to be the reason in hindsight… and why I was awakened in the time frame I was?, I have no clue….  there is no reason why I should know that. It’s like when I found the perfect present for our sermonist friend, some crystal grapes, for his “I am the vine” sermon…. I couldn’t find a gift I wanted to give and decided to give it up to God and literally I just turned around and they were there! God picked that gift for me to give; all I got to do was pick out the colors….which is the fun part.

I try not to question God’s motives anymore, I appreciate when I get to do HIS work, I do question His timing, but God is used to my questions by now….

I was challenged recently with a questions if I felt I was “saved” before this awakening, and I don’t think in my situation that is a valid question…. Because the answer depends on the faith of the speaker and the questioner…..  I feel saved now, 100%, but did I feel left out before? No, of course not…. God had been talking good care of me…. I never doubted that forgiveness was the way to heaven… and did I ask Jesus for forgiveness when I finally believed in him? You better believe I did! You can’t ask for forgiveness of someone who doesn’t exist for you for real.. he is REAL to me now…. me is my lifeline, I believe in him 100%  and I was ready to fall in love with HIM instantly since that was the smooth part of that zipper… those pieces were already in place, and it was like a smooth ride after I got over the hump.

Thanks for letting me babble…

Have a great vine connected day….

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