Article “spiritual not religious” re-building the church and Revisiting my Lego faith to Zipper faith’ transition, 19 May – # 157



Article “spiritual not religious” re-building the church and Revisiting my Lego faith to Zipper faith’ transition, 19 May

“Whenever anyone asks you to speak of your hope,” the Bible reads, “be ready to defend it.” (1 Peter 3:15). “

This web article (see the link below) is freaky God, (LOL – I just wrote “really good”, but autocorrect made it “freaky God”…. So I just had to leave it…. That’s great!!!!)

Anyway, just like the conference Pastor and I attended, this article talks about spiritual but not religious people… And about the need too educate deeply in theology… And that is so true… If you don’t know the word, then how can you live it? And it is EXACTLY the same discussion for science… People are afraid of Frankenstein science, uneducated about the advancements, and scoff at basic research…. Just try to explain the similarities of genetically modified foods and plant breeding to someone and you will get challenged (but maybe some genuine interest, if you cultivate it)….

So, religious affiliations or not, the need to educate people is key… It’s the need for people who belong to something to get MORE educated… Only then can they begin the see that the churches are not trying to hold up smoke and mirrors… That there is meat in the bible lessons, that there are stories (lots of them) to be told… That when you LOVE the LORD long enough, he becomes more real than the velveteen rabbit.

The article states how bible education is key for churches to offer… And I would add that we need to find the deep, not often talked about stories, because there is some story for everyone to be touched by. It’s a foundation, as well as a set of building blocks… Legos, I wrote “Lego Christianity” on Dec 18, one of my earliest writings of where I acknowledged that my faith was in a changing phase… a change orchestrated by God, worked by the Holy Spirit, causing a little Christmas baby to grow in my soul, regraft me to the True Vine, thus enabling me to eventually reach my hand up for Jesus to raise me, like Jarius’ daughter, and to give me peace.

And that’s EXACTLY where my base education paid off, my base biblical education where I learned the bible stories for years and years IN religious school, church services, church meetings, teaching Sunday school, attending an awesome bible study class about the archeology of the Old Testament sites, and by reading the REAL word…

You see, now I describe my faith journey like a zipper, there was a peg not seated right I the middle where I wasn’t 100% with Jesus…. Once that peg was seated properly by patient nudging from God (see my Dec to Jan writings), the rest of the zipper was already intact and fairly smooth, because I knew and was educated for years on the BIBLE… And honestly it felt like that zipper was a big slide at the playground… And I know others have heard me squeal “Wheeeeee!!!!” As I quickly flew down the section of zipper I had already intact….. So much fun that I continually go back up for another ride…. If friction catches me, then it is a place to pause, catch up on a bible story and lesson I either didn’t know or most likely forgot, and a time to get the sandpaper out and smooth the rough spot on the slide for a better ride.

Trust me when I tell you that rereading the bible in a new 100% accepting Jesus mindset is like being a kid in a spiritual candy store… My hunger for food has truly been replaced by a hunger for scripture, for interpretations and pondering… “It’s the strangest thing” I find myself saying a lot, a fitting quote from a passage I read from a play about a girl raised from the dead….And that is the 100% truth, it is the strangest feeling to walk with Jesus everyday, every hour, every minute…. It’s the strangest thing to wonder if I will ever get used to this new life! My first Easter I walked into a dollar store and saw Jesus stickers and squeaked “oooh! I believe now…these stickers are for me too!!!!”. It’s the strangest feeling to have dropped two pant sizes (so far) from hunger-ing for the Lord instead of the stress eating…and having to actually remind myself to eat something… It’s the strangest feeling to feel and see God working inside of you, yeah that’s”freaky God” alright! And then to see the faces of those who see the change in me, to hear the words that I “exude the joy”… But it’s true, I think you can see the JOY all over my face….

It spills out…. I can’t help it…

God’s got some plan… He is busy lining up the players, getting them to go out of the building and build a new stronger church from the remnants of the old…rebuild Trust….

Trust God and go build the faith back up in those drifting. Trust God and go educate the masses. Trust God and stand up for faith so that they too can see the fruits of HIS labor….

Trust God, HE will most certainly support you, and keep your cup filled so that you can draw upon it daily…

Trust God’s plan.

It’s Freaky Awesome God! THANKS for stirring it up….


Here’s the article:…/lessons-for-church-from-the-spiritual…

“Whenever anyone asks you to speak of your hope,” the Bible reads, “be ready to defend it.” (1 Peter 3:15). “


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