Christmas Present, 29MAY – #169


Christmas Present, 29MAY

This year, ever since my spiritual awakening started with the Christmas season, I have taken even MORE time for myself to think about my spiritual growth… Think it all out… I sit and think… I work and think… and I write to process… I have tons to do, but no, I sit still and think more than ever… hmmm… I do get some of my life busyness in too, because when God took my brain, He blessedly lends it back to me to get work done when I beg hard enough…

I am sure if I keep my focus right on God and focus on the gifts handed me everyday, that I will be fine…. I pray for discernment always…. a few extra hours in the day would be nice too – but God already moved a mountain for me – I don’t expect him to move the clocks as well – just because I have so much I WANT to get done!

It’s HIS will, not ours…yeah… God wants the best for me, yes, but why did God take over my mind so much to achieve that? What’s the plan? I know, I know, the plan is not mine to know….Yet where is my discernment between God thoughts and my thoughts?….where is my God-stillness?… Because You are cranking thoughts thru my head, God, I would have to say that You Yourself are NOT still… God swirls in my head, I am getting used to it, I am just trying to keep up!!! But yes, God, apparently YOU have a plan, so go ahead… fill my mind… Ask me and I will follow… “This ship is ready to sail, so to speak…”

Anyway, I have to say that I feel blessed that this year God apparently picked me to be the “Ghost of Christmas Present”…. all year… Yup even now in early summer… It’s probably because I was not 100% in the birth of Jesus last Christmas…. so now that I am, it’s Christmas all year this year! In “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens – we see the ghost of Christmas Present with jovial larger than life bursting Christmas joy. He says “Look at me, you have never seen the like of me before!” Yes that is so true for me… I am very unique….always have been… but aren’t we all? I used to want to fade into the background when I was growing up, but not anymore… Christmas Present, I am here now and I love to stir up the mix, lend elbow grease to situations, pour water on stick in the mud people like Ebenezer Scrooges, encourage people already light years ahead of me, by trying to make difference and show my strength by my enthusiasm and my smile. I always did. I always will. I do appreciate this hand that God has dealt me.

But the MOST important aspect to me being this unique ghost of Christmas Present is that I get to SEE JESUS in people everyday! Because, I now know and appreciate what Jesus-like qualities are, I get to look for them everyday in ordinary people! Yes, even go out looking for Him wherever I am. And yes, who knows, maybe I will take a couple of those Ebeneezer Scrooges along for the rides off their life…

Perhaps my spirited life-look with this intensity will change based on the season’s of my life, the tragedies I know I must face in the future. I still FEEL young in spirit years…. Who knows… only God knows! In the meantime, I’ll just keep being Christmas Present today… not Ghost of Past, not Ghost of Future… Just be Christmas Present... Yes, that’s the eternal Christmas present to myself…. Actually, that’s God’s eternal Christ-present to me… to all of us!!! That’s why God took over my mind, told me to look for Jesus and to follow Jesus….eyes and ears open.

Merry Christmas!
Jesus came, Jesus is coming, Jesus is here – right now.
Going to go look for HIM today and everyday.

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