Really God? St Deborah? 16Jun – #189


189 Really God? St Deborah? – 16Jun

This post is one of the biggest emotional releases in a while of “REALLY GOD?”  Why are you doing this?

This is why I pray for discernment…. am I just going crazy? Seeing things? Or is God truly orchestrating these blatant and I admit silly connections in my life? And not being shy about showing me? I don’t think it’s blasphemous to question, it’s probably really good to test and verify what is God given and what is “lead into temptation” maneuvering by the devil…. I just happen to question and praise out loud… (It probably makes the devil even madder…. He’s coming for me, I have to be ready!!! Flash my smile and my Jesus card)…

Holy S(pirit)–  this website

says Saint Deborah was commemorated on December 17th… that’s the date of my first writing with awakening….  Christmas Flood!!! (my diatribe piece was Dec 10th)…. But Dec 17th I was flooded with Christmas… Holy you know what.., I said “You gotta be kidding me Lord!!!” LOL!!!!

I looked up Saint Deborah while I was stuck in traffic after coming thru a rain storm in which I was inside a rainbow… cool… The spray coming up from a truck with perfect sun at our backs and I put myself right at the end of the rainbow for about 2 min until I drove through it. Remembering that God keeps His promises….and I started thinking about myself and being myself… And remembering St Deborah’s commission and being an exception to the rule (pretty cool if you check out the website)… And it’s raining Christmas rain apparently now too… Dec17th…

God has me pegged…. Thanks GOD for over abundance of reminders!

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