Six Months – Hatching Seven, 17JUN – #190


190 Six Months – Hatching Seven, 17JUN

It’s six months today, from my first positive awakening process piece, “Christmas Flood, 17Dec”  it’s half a year but half a lifetime ago, waking up is a long and short process.   Just like my hatched butterfly “Seven” whose photo (at 777 kb size) is attached, I came out but am still stretching my wings…”Seven” would shake him/her self and motion very purposefully to fill in all the fluid on her beautiful painted lady butterfly wings. She even excreted bright red droplets as she worked the fluid thru… Those on my hand stained for a day.

Thanks to all for being so supportive, I feel to be still stretching my wings, shaking sometimes purposefully and sometimes instinctively, and likely flapping to keep myself afloat.

And so I caught up this blog of my writings today. I was hoping to quiet my writings for a while (at least until after VBS) and move into life’s pressing tasks…. Nope…. Yeah, not my choosing…. I blogged them for convenience, collecting them in a fashion that is public but not advertised… Advertising is up to God…. I will be at the ready to tell my story both in short (like to the cashier at the convenience shop – I just said I focused on God and not eating for my weight loss) and in long format (these nearly 200 posts).

And you really don’t have to read them!!!!  But I so appreciate when you do and your wonderful feedback…..  If someone sent them to me, I probably wouldn’t read them!!!! Just know that I appreciate you letting me shake my wings until I am ready to fly…. Who knows, maybe a frog will gobble me up, whatever GOD’S PLAN, I have to be at the ready…

Seven for 190

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