Back in the Boat, 02SEP – #254 ***



Back in the Boat, 02SEP

This amazing thing happened to me yesterday after stressing about a really bad situation on and off for a couple of weeks… I was stressing awful… Yikes my stress thru the roof that instant!!!! But WOW how Jesus calmed it… I won’t tell you what those stressors were, but this was my text to a few folks immediately after my heart was released from that pain….. The stressors didn’t completely go away, but giving it to God made all the difference…

“Wow, I was just feeling so stressed this morning and it caused a real physical heart heaviness feeling, but it’s now GONE due to a refocus on Jesus…  stress pen chewing, gum, and ate my lunch early, no help, stressing my heart SO heavy… And so a friend came into my office, she is a good Christian friend and I was able to explain to her this tremendous stress feeling (and what caused it)… And then I explained that often when I was feeling under a storm I would ask Jesus to come back into my boat… when I (and Peter) reached a hand up out of the water while sinking, that it was what we need to do to re-focus….  while telling her this, I actually motioned reaching up for Jesus with my hand and grabbing HIS… And I am not kidding, my heart felt such relief!!!!! It was amazing, instant relief, the heaviness gone!!!!! WOW!!!!! Good God!!!!  Thank you Jesus for this peace!!! “

I told another friend about this amazing release feeling and she said “Welcome back into the boat!”



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