Eyes of a Child – Look Upon the Lord, 13May – #399



Eyes of a Child – Look Upon the Lord, 13May

Thought I would share the devotion that came out of an email about praise music…

Ah “Close Your Eyes” is a Michael Card song, no wonder I loved the little snippet I heard sung last week… Perfect “eyes of a child” references in this week (or my whole life) of that recurring theme…

I read the lyrics – beautiful and touching… So looking forward to hearing it in service… All the live performances of His music (especially in band and definitely from Michael in person) speak to my heart more than engineered recordings… It’s where the SPIRIT isn’t bottled up and spills out to the listener… Live music for PRAISE spilling out of our mouths is one way we can try to mimic “the cloud” – like when God entered the temple of Solomon… And it’s also the great spilling cloud visual in that “Look to the Lord” video by Paul Baloche and Kari Jobe…”Let the house of the Lord – Be filled with the cloud”…. I have sung that song full volume all week, made a playlist to listen over and over, I am stuck on it right now, but that’s fine…

I have been listening to “Eyes of a Child” by the Moody Blues a few times this week too… What a great gift from God, I PRAISE HIM for that gift in me… Truly I guess I always had that gift, but now when I see things and timings that ONLY God could have made, it’s SO easy to appreciate everything as a gift from God, it’s our job to discern the good – discern the plan – even from pain comes praise… Discern how certain things are used to God’s benefit… My flat tire on Tuesday gave me much to discern, including how it was fixed so rapidly and with joy – within minutes, while friends were reaching out instantly via Facebook with support, while I watched the moon and clouds dance… Then it was replaced so rapidly the next morning by some great Irish guys, plus amazing how my mom had just given me $ that previous day…. for whatever I needed… Easiest flat tire ever… (and it made me clean out my car too)… And of course MOST crucially it served to remind me to watch out for pitfalls in life… And to pay even more attention to my driving especially in the darkest of nights…

Yeah, God has been working me (all of us) into HIS system. He gave me the energy of a child to keep up too, and gave me a voice to tell the world of HIS good works…neither of those I could ever claim came from me… I can’t even claim they came from genetics… They are gifts from God tweaking His system…

I think I heard Michael play this song in concert – he most definitely talked at both concerts about that paradox – “the child is the father of the man” – that this paradox is ON PURPOSE so that we DON’T overthink God, there is NO WAY to understand it all, but just accept and see it like a child would, and appreciate it! and smile!

Thanks God


Michael Card, Close Your Eyes So You Can See
“There’s a way that a child can look at the world
see through the eyes of the heart
they see meaning beyond the mystery
hear the silence of the stars

So close your eyes so you can see
the way he meant this world to be
and understand with a child like heart
the place we end is where we start

The child is the father of the man
it’s the paradox of god’s design
so if you would be grown up and mature
let the light of your childhood shine

So close your eyes so you can see
What it must have been like to be
a little girl or boy who knows
and walks with Jesus as they grow”

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