God’s Children, 27Jul – #419



God’s Children, 27JUL

So I have to tell you how God lets me witness touching moments… I see so many; God tickles me with opening my eyes to see him in live action… Yesterday a little boy, maybe four years, comes out with his grandma after Bible School… He says “mom-mom, mom-mom” and pulls her over to the sign that I made with each of the Bible scripture lessons and Bible Buddies and placed in the back garden so that perhaps parent or grandparent would glean the Bible messages while waiting in line to check in. Originally I was going to put the sign somewhere else but that doesn’t matter now, God must have had other plans for that sign, I realize over and over again life is NOT my plan but His plan…

“Mom-mom, mom-mom”, this cute little boy continues… “This is Sal and this is Radar, and….”… He tells her all about the VBS Bible Buddies which help our children understand the scripture messages. He was trying so hard to make sure his mom-mom was focusing on the pictures, understanding what he wanted to teach his mom-mom all about.

See, we are not JUST teaching our children the Bible messages, they are teaching US!!! Children are a living Bible…. God has empowered these sponges to soak up Bible teachings and spread the WORD. How sweet and touching to listen to those innocent words of a child? The grandmas and grandpas LOVE to listen… the children LOVE to share the LOVE… perhaps they don’t yet know this love comes directly from God, but surely we know by now that God has instilled His Spirit into every child… Jesus in their hearts – He gets to play as a child, and He would grow with us if we feed HIM…

I pray, that we all remember our own “Child of God” beginnings and haven’t lost the appreciation of those touching small and large God-sighting moments. God is using us to reach others, using our lives to teach… Wants us out there sharing the love…  He loves us, we are HIS children, forever…

Thank you Lord for letting me be witness to You in action… Thank you for your children.

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