The Song, the Sentiment, the Praise, 06Aug – #422


422 sentiment.PNG422

The Song, the Sentiment, the Praise, 06Aug

Call me sentimental, sure… the other night I had time to empty out the bulging blue praise pumpkin and put my band music sets in sheet protectors in a folder… Over thirty sets now, eight months, can’t believe it… pumpkin couldn’t hold the volume anymore with my other memorabilia…. up front I had placed the first songs – “One King” and “What Child is This?” And the advice reminders from my dear band leader, who’s encouraging ways were NEVER over the top but simply always simply allowing me to just find my own way (not intervening – but allowing the spirit to work)… I feel that my nurtured singing was/is like nurtured faith, it has to come from developing your own understanding, no one else’s, and it comes from the SPIRIT already in one’s heart.  It is completely true, the path is narrow but it is sure, and it’s yours alone to start walking on…

Being with the band is a huge praise that I never saw coming, it shocks me more than losing all this weight… I’m still learning, always will be… To sing you must listen – that’s probably my biggest lesson here… And while praise singing fills and lifts my heart, my time hanging with the band is what makes my heart extra happy, hearty and smile… And instead of just my mouth overflowing in thunderous praise on Sundays, I pray that my heart overflows… I pray for God-blessed AMAZING GRACED-notes…


Earlier tonight we went to see praise singer (and writer of “Come to the Cradle”) Michael Card’s concert in NJ… my third time seeing him in the exact time frame as my own singing developed, AMAZING TIMIMG…

I sat there knowing God wanted me to be there… tonight the electricity went out when a giant storm came in just after the opening praise band and just before Michael Card was to perform –  and the people just spontaneously started singing “and the Rolling Thunder” from “How Great Thou Art”.  Oooohhhh, it sent chills up my spine!!! And then Michael started his performance anyway –  he sang with no electricity – just guitar – for about five songs before the electricity came on – unbelievably beautiful and generous of him…. Intimate praise shared in rolling thunder…

Yes the concert was awesome and I also had wonderful conversations with the other people there… truly God allows us to build each other up so that we can recharge and go out and build the rest of the church… Truly God makes me sing in my heart and out thru my mouth – oh the praise…..

Oh I LOVE God’s hand guiding in my life – or better to say that I LOVE my life inside His Hand!

Thank you Lord for the song – the sentiment – the thunderous praise…

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