God’s Opportunities, 13JAN – #465



God’s Opportunities, 13JAN

Spring is NOT just around the corner, but this beautiful delicate daffodil flower opened today in my office…And its beauty reminds me of God’s grace – and our potential to seize the opportunities God gifts to us. We have to recognize God’s grace of forgiveness – and then we have to accept that we need it!

I recently found where they dumped thousands of the old flower bulbs at our corporate center for years, many each spring the fresh crop are sold as a fundraiser, but these were leftovers, just sitting there to rot – for years!… I recovered a few and really made no dent to the pile… and I planted them into pots and also planted dozens in the dug up yard after our sewer replacement… I already had the big bag of bulbs before the yard  was dug up, and so then the opportunity to plant them showed up later! – I was waiting for an opportunity and it came – unexpected but it came. It’s kinda like being Robin Hood in life – I pray God forgives my Robin Hood nature… I call it trash picking… I call it being an opportunist… I even got the soil and flowers pots out of the trash… Yup.  God is like Robin Hood to us too – He moves us around where He deems we are a better fit – where we are of use to His plan – and He puts us in opportunities where we can change situations according to His Will…

Surely, I can see beauty of the one delicate flower – but can you see those dozens that will bloom outside in spring? I can!!!…. They will remind us that they survived… they stored up their resources before winter to survive harsh weather, they hid underground to prevent being wasted or eaten, and they survived what the world threw at them…. And so can we… We can survive these times whether they are easy or harsh by preparing and looking towards the eternal spring, we can anticipate and take the opportunity to accept the greatest gift – the GIFT of knowing God – the whispers of His words – the LIFE given by HIS Son Jesus… We can even hide under HIS wing when needed…

The contrast between people who look to the Lord and those that don’t is that we know eternally life will be good, and we also know that in this world there are gems to be seen, flowers to be beholden and life to appreciate thru our journeys, mud and all… We are called to be distracted by the JOY and tolerate the pain… God had a passion to be with us…

The flowers blooming this spring will remind us of God’s Grace – forgiveness enabling eternal life… and to know that beauty came from seeing an opportunity in a mud field… Ideas planted by the Holy Spirit are beautiful to watch grow…

The mud field of life is full of opportunity…. nutrients are present and ready for use, just add water and add the warmth of the Sun…  God also sees opportunity in us… He sculpts our lives where we might see the beauty in the ordinary… He shows us how to bloom… It’s HIS garden of us earthly souls; He just adds living water – warmth of the Son… And He waits for us to grow…

This mud of life helps me visually anticipate spring… God gives me eyes to see opportunity, and He encourages us to rise above the mud… I know that God sees potential in all HIS children… We are made from dust into HIS children, to grow, to bloom, to live, to LOVE…


“If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.” Romans 14:8

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