Seeing Clearly, 17Jan – #466



Seeing Clearly, 17Jan

A milestone for me today – a big change – you may think this is silly or flippant but I’ve come to the realization that I needed reading glasses my eyesight declined rapidly after hitting 45 – now that I am 47 there is no denial that I am entering a life phase of change… it’s an age change that’s been forced upon me… and it parallels other big changes to all of our lives both forced and chosen…

Sure it’s normal for so many people to have glasses but I’ve been in denial for so long and was/is hard for me to accept this but I must… I must accept and even embrace change… I must move on forward with a good attitude about change…

There many changes in life we did not ask for – but they happened anyway… for me there are many good changes including:

… having certain health issues clarified by losing weight thru healthy eating – it just kind of happened … and

… having my voice clarified by eliminating milk while losing weight and mostly by focusing for who I was truly singing for – it just kind of happened… and

… writing, I didn’t ask to process life this way –  an introverted change shared in an extroverted way – it just kinda happened…

Change – it happens and it’s God-driven… change gives clarity… “I Can See Clearly Now” – a song lyric that rings true…

Clarity – when I put these minimal strength reading glasses on – wow the difference! the fuzzy light gray text becomes crisp, clear and bolder in color… (yeah I know it’s silly they are just 1.25’s but hey this aspect of getting older is new and weird to me – and getting used to them has made me a bit queasy so far)

Clarity – that’s Jesus – our life focused thru our belief in Jesus is the most powerful change anyone could ever experience… Focus, boldness, relief… Queasy? – yeah it is that too – but queasy motivates change…

Is accepting Jesus a forced change? Well even if you are forced to reach to God, you still have to be the one to open your heart to Jesus… Sure it’s not as simple as buying a $20 pair of reading glasses – but actually, you might say accepting Jesus is even simpler because it’s free – Jesus is free – and Jesus is freeing…

Is accepting Jesus a hard change? Well softening your heart might be tough because accepting Jesus surely causes you to change… Jesus wants to clean out your heart – to get busy clearing clutter in your life – He will yield more clarity than JUST thru wearing glasses – Jesus wants to remove your fuzzy guessing thru life existence too – Jesus wants you to have bold but fearful living – Jesus instructs us and He wants us to be God-focused, love-giving, and living life with eyes open – plus He wants us to have and use sober judgment for future temptation awareness…

Clarity comes at a cost – turning your life over to Jesus – that is a cost… Trust me, your new life will surprise you everyday – because your focus is no longer your own – because God will move your sights onto His work, not yours…

Clarity – there’s no better clarity than living your life thru the new lens of Jesus…

Jesus brings God’s Will into view.



Singing “I can see clearly now – Jesus is Lord…”



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