Be the Dots – 30JUN (reprise from #554)


Be the Dot. God is Drawing Us in His Plan, 01MAY-30JUN

God surely has a plan connecting us to Him, that plan is much bigger than we could ever see or imagine… We experience His LOVE – now how can we also be conduits of LOVING OUR NEIGHBORS? How can we connect to each other? How will God use His “connect the dots” plan? How can we BE THE DOTS?

We can be one of those encouraging dots… we can be one of those loving our neighbor dots…

We are able to connect with hundreds maybe thousands of dots of people for prayers… click click click…. dot dot dot…

Do you see all those dots that God is laying down? Can you see God drawing lines in between all those dots? Can you hear the Spirit moving? Can you feel His flow of actions and prayers passing thru us to help others? Oh that’s how God works…. we reach, we touch the robe of God fringe and His love transfers…

You and I are dots that God wants to connect…

I am not a solo lone or special dot, but all of us are HIS dots, made in ink, not just pencil…. God’s dots are all His own…. You are His!

Sometimes maybe it seems like my broken dot spills and splatters when the Spirit floods and flows… I reach for help and prayers whether I am strong or weak… My dot may be spilled out of it’s lines, but God still knows where I am.

Sometimes I open my big mouth to say “wow” at how God works, and maybe that’s the point,  we have to share however we share because God wants to use us as we are…. it’s ok even to be feeling lost and faded away, because God knows where He placed all His dots, and will find you when it is time to reconnect all His dots… (Psalm 139, God will hunt us down)

Weak or strong, faded or bold, ripped or rippling, convoluted or simple,  we dots are to be connected. God will re-light you and delight in you.

We do need to pray to be better dots too… we perhaps could strive to strongly hold the harp string of the harmonic sound wave that God wants to pluck and hear… and perhaps we can strive to create a trampoline bounce dot, so that new strings of praise can be bounced from our dot to new dot spots unknown…

Prayer is flow between the dots. Prayer is the SPIRIT travelling from your dot thru other dots and back and all around the net of life… God not only hears those prayers, HE MADE THOSE PRAYERS, God makes the SPIRIT flow from Him to within us and back to Him…

We can be His hands, feet, and dots… to do His work in His world.

BE THE DOTS, LOVE THE DOTS, look for the connecting stroke of God’s pen.

BE STILL to stop spinning and let God connect to you and thru you…

God’s timing, God’s puzzle, God’s plan

You are a chosen dot… Here is a fun thought:  “But you are a chosen dot, a royal dot, a holy nation of dots, God’s special dot, that you may strung together, lines drawn between, and you can bounce the praises of Him back to Him, who bounced you out of darkness and into His wonderful Light.” 1Peter 2:9 adapted



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