Just Need to Want Jesus, 17JUN – #567



Just Need to Want Jesus, 17JUN

I just NEED Jesus, and I want to NEED Jesus, and I NEED to want Jesus.

I just WANT Jesus, and I WANT to need Jesus, and I need to WANT Jesus.

We all do, we just don’t all know that,

I surely didn’t…

I do now…

I LOVE that I know Jesus now, but I didn’t back when I didn’t,  how could I even know what I didn’t know?

I didn’t, but now I do

Who told me I needed Jesus? God did.

Who told me God loves me? Jesus did.

So do I need more than Jesus?  Well no, but I’m human and humanly I want…

I WANT, because I’m human, therefore I WANT Jesus even more…

But do I REALLY need Him more then I already have Him? Well – No, because He has already been there for me BEFORE I even knew Him. Well – Yes, because He is still there for me to know Him more.

Yes, He knew me first!

So, do I really NEED Him if I already had Him?


I still do…

I always will…

I always will WANT Jesus because He is a NEED.

I will always NEED to want Jesus.

We all do… We all do…  we just don’t all know that. But Jesus knows…

Jesus knows…


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