God-Confidence, 09FEB – #638



God-Confidence, 09FEB

I know it is a cool feeling when God is letting us know when He is using us.  We often doubt that is occurring, but not from a position of low self-confidence but from our position of low God-confidence… We need to develop more God-Confidence.

It’s nice to see Him in action, it’s COOL to feel the WARM Spirit gearing us up, using us in His service… So, why do we doubt that He is using us? He wants to use our flaws and fears and fabulousnesses… God is using us – we are “cogs in something turning” like Joni Mitchell sings… It is up to us to notice it and thrive on it – “we are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden…”

Yes, we need confidence in God. How can we not? He has confidence in us!

An old high school photo of mine popped up, really from forever ago… if I could go back 35 years to tell my 15-year-old self something, it would be to urge myself to be more self-accepting, to have more self-confidence… I wonder if I would have been a different girl then, if I were more confident. Confidence is not something we act – we have to actually be confident.

Fast forward to recent history…  in hindsight, I can see when God had taken over where I failed to appreciate my blessings to be used for His purposes. Now as my nearly 50-year-old self, I do have more God-confidence of how He will use me.

In foresight, I should NOT be surprised or afraid for how God will use me today… actually I smile at the opportunity. I have gained confidence in God – actually I have gained confidence in understanding that God wants the best for His children by gathering them back to Him.

I question: In the future, will I have the hindsight to be appreciative of where I am now? Will I realize where God used me for His plan? Probably, so why wouldn’t I now strive to be used by God more? I want more God awareness.

I am sure that we are to drop self-awareness and make our lives about God awareness…

Our thirst for knowledge, of how we fit into life, is a default thirst – a result of Eve being tempted to bite that fruit. She was tempted to gain wisdom, to learn the difference between good and evil… Of course it seems that we want that too – but MORE IMPORTANTLY, we have to WANT TO SPIT that knowledge out of our systems and simply trust that God will take care of us…

Let us drop our thirst for self-knowledge and drink in the thirst of how God’s plan and how we fit… We only need to rely upon Him.

Let us spit out the forbidden fruit and instead drink in pure living water…

Pray that God is the apple in our eye… Long for Him… Smile…

God gave you a smile in His Image… Be Confident in God.


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