For God’s Sake, 18MAR – #663



For God’s Sake, 18MAR

The last are first – God’s generosity is all His own… He is God.

Easter is coming – God has let me feel and understand Easter by ripping the curtains from my eyes, blowing the thick plugs and the fluff out from my ears…. I pray you have felt Jesus’s Easter….  and I pray you know His lift under your heart.

As a “late born – born again” – my Easter came later in life – God gave me an Easter feeling before I felt Jesus’s crucifixion (not that I have felt that level of pain in any form) – God unmasked the glory of the Lord to me, gave me a the thirst for His son’s life-giving water well before I could understand the pain of the reason for His death…

God let me feel the Son Rise before I felt the Son Fall – I knew the story, I didn’t know the feeling.

I pray I will never know how rejected Jesus felt, hanging there. I do however now feel the creeping realization of the lostness of the people right in front of my eyes. Oh, I cry more intensely now for them – for Jesus’s sake – now that I realize.

I thank God that I felt the Easter Morning before I felt this long walk to Jerusalem – because it means I already know how this good book of ours ends. CHRIST IS RISEN. Jesus finished the story with His Glory.

This story of forgiveness takes lots of time – many many chapters of catching up lost people.  Terrible that many don’t even know that they are lost. Many are like the early laborers in the vineyard who are jealous of God’s generosity to pay those who came late to work (Matthew 20) – that story mirrors God’s generosity and our human want – it is a story of the Kingdom of Heaven: God’s generosity is SO EXTRAVAGANT that He pays the price of everyone’s salvation before they are even born into sinful ways to reject Him. They are already rejecting the saving.

I was walking amidst the crowds at a parade this weekend and I wondered about how come there are jovial spirit one minute in the parade then huge hostile attitudes right after from the people in the parking lots spilling back into the streets – Geez – where did the goodness go? I wondered about the lost-ness of the crowd. We only see a tiny tinge of that feeling Jesus had of ALL His people and a huge and static distance. Jesus was crying for His lost sheep, Jesus is crying still today.

Ah, but Easter JOY when the lost are found. I saw three children marching in the parade who recognized me – they looking for familiar faces too – and they were so happy waving. I felt the JOY of them knowing me – JOY that only JOY can give…

JOY – fear but JOY – that’s the feeling of Jesus greeting Mary Magdalene in His risen state. Can you feel her weeping in wonder??? Can you feel the RELIEF of knowing Jesus that Easter morning? Jesus finished the story with His Glory.

Jesus has already started a new chapter for the world’s people who get to read the end of the book FIRST – have you read the end? The last is first. Jesus in the meantime is still working all the pages… There is a new JOY chapter for each saved soul – RELIEF.

RELIEF is the feeling of Jesus reconciling Peter after 3 denials – “DO YOU LOVE ME, PETER?” – “YES, YES LORD, I LOVE YOU!” –  JOY from healing this massive rift of Peter’s denials.

Peter was then commanded to fill in the pages of the MANY new chapters – JESUS SAID: GO FEED MY SHEEP!

Jesus finished our story with His Glory.


Have you felt Jesus’s reconciliation within you? Do you want to know Him even more intensely now? Do you still want Easter? I still want to feel that JOY…

As we walk to Jerusalem, we can see the work ahead requiring even more faith that this will all work out…

Easter begins with the alone feeling – ALONE THEN BEING FOUND – then our marching orders: “Feed my sheep!” Yes, Yes, Lord, I love You! “FEED MY SHEEP”

I pray we keep moving forward to Easter – past and future… God’s generosity means He wants us ALL in Easter!

Let’s Pray for God’s sake that everyone hears…




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