Holy Thursday Sleep Patterns, 18APR – #677



Holy Thursday Sleep Patterns, 18APR

Holy Thursday – we are to remember the coming together of the disciples with Jesus for the Last Supper….

AND we are called to remember the solemnity of Jesus praying in the Garden and remember that He wanted a time to pray before His arrest.  Jesus wanted time to think. Yet in these hours of His need to be remembered, He was forgotten.  Jesus was forgotten in the Garden because his disciples were so human they feel asleep. But human is human…

Oh, we are human too.

The disciples were exhausted and we get exhausted too, falling asleep,  falling apart when we should try to serve the Lord… Jesus understands.  We are forgiven for what we can not do or see or feel. We are forgiven for being human.

We need physical sleep,  we need to be healthy and ready to serve the Lord and still make it thru our humanness…. we need better sleep patterns and we need to organize our awake times for serving Him…

Jesus does not want to be forgotten.

How could have the disciples better served Jesus that Garden night? How can we? By organizing,  by being in pairs and teams to be on watch while others rest. Then us ourselves rest when others are serving guard… organized and effective service for life, for the Lord. By being truthful in knowing that we need the Lord.

We are not alone. We are paired up – we are to pair up – We are to remember to look for His prompts to find people who want to serve – and serve together.

The amazing calling we have tells us that God does not want us serving solo… Jesus paired His disciples to enter teaching the world, and then asked our Father for His Holy Spirit so we too can serve together in our communities near and far – and still get our human rest. Team up for triumph of the Lord.

God blesses us with a craving for connectivity…  Perhaps we are not expecting who God picks – someone to watch for us and someone we can watch. Perhaps this can and will change as we change thru our lives… God is our connection. Connection is how we become cohesive. To reconnect and become whole as a body of Christ, we need to connect.

Jesus broke the bread that pre-garden evening and said “Remember me”. Broken to be whole.

Jesus remembers each of us and wants to connect us back to God by putting us back together with God. Whole from broken.

Rest up,  it is going to be a long watch – with the goal of restoring God’s broken people. … but know that Easter is not in the future,  Easter is a wholeness gifted NOW.

Be with Jesus tonight.

Be watchful for the others are still asleep.

Know that you have already been AWAKENED. You already know Easter morning in your repaired heart.

PEACE – GO IN PEACE because PEACE goes with you…


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