Broken Birds will Fly Again, 26APR – #684



Broken Birds will Fly Again, 26APR

Snowy, the cat, so much appreciates open windows and oh the birds!!!. She is not allowed outside, however she knows she must see, hear, and smell outside… she needs to commune with God’s creation even if only an observer. She is also God’s creation and a blessing to us.

I am an observer of life too, and God’s creation as well – sandwiched between so much of God’s beautiful creation – with the birds singing this pre-dawn spring morning and the creaks of my growing children in their beds hitting the snooze buttons,  life stirs… the children sleep, yet the Lord is awake… creatures and creatives of our Lord’s world may rest, so that then they can clamor in praise and hopeful harmony.

The cat is an observer and observed. We are observers and observed. What would people observe about us?

Every morning we have to take a read on the world. Wake up and smell the smells of God over the smells of the world. The cat would smell the outside thru cracks of the door all winter, she really did,  now she has full view thru the screen. And now she can hear those birds and smell… She needs and wants to use all her senses to make sense of God’s world. We do too…. does God’s world make sense to you? Are we looking in the right places?

Harmony is what God started with, way back when, but broken covenants and evil days interrupted… the birds still sing, but under safe cover now, whenever they can… but oh, if they could feel safe outside those hidden places.  We too want to feel safe – we need, want,  hope for harmony. We are broken people,  broken birds… We nest in cover but we also need to venture out into the world of evil days to keep working for the Lord. We are covered under His Wings and we are to put on His armor of God. We are to choose Joy thru trials (James 1).

We are all broken birds of one form or another. We need the armor of God as our protection and His wing for our lift…

We can build houses to protect our children and ourselves, keep out the rain and colds of winter –  but God wants us to SPRING from our rest and leap into His Nest…. if the birds can be so daring, so can we…

Trust God’s Love – hear His Call – see His Rainbow providing calm after the storm, know eternal Peace… live for Peace now, don’t wait.

We might be broken birds, but we are going to be fine – in His Nest, under His Wing, we will fly forever…

Be Still and smell the day, peak…






snowy 684

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