Ellis Island – Dream Pray Live


ellis island.PNG

This is my cousin in the Great Hall of Ellis Island…

Her little scale represents just one human being in the multitudes of humanity who poured thru that port to the American Dream. The enormity of the human spirits and their hopes and dreams held in those walls… words cannot capture this. Prayers made heard and understood.

When I stood there I also felt the enormity of the moment, knowing my American life was built standing on the shoulders of giants. If you search your soul, you will feel the stirrings of your ancestors, you will understand just a tiny bit of their tears, you will hear their prayers. They prayed for us before out parents were even born. The dreamed for God’s plan for their lives and ours.

You are alive because they dreamed…

You are here because God said YES…

You must live the life they envisioned you to have…

You must ask God to keep saying YES to your future…

You must dream too…

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