Be Sticky-Note-Worthy for the Lord, 23JUN – #700



Be Sticky-Note-Worthy for the Lord, 23JUN

Did you ever take a moment for yourself and know if you didn’t take this moment you would regret it later?

Yes – and so I took a very important moment, for me and for the Lord, to say Yes. I became sticky-note-worthy for Him to move me around.

I saw a devotion video that explained you cannot say No to some things unless you say YES to bigger things – to faith-fulfillment things – to the things that the Lord wants you to do… The video recounted reaching for the big seashell. What if your hands are full of little itty bitty seashells, which might be nice, but a big seashell comes along that you want? In order to grab it, you have to put down your little seashells… You have to say YES to the opportunities that the Lord says: “Don’t pass up!”

I thought about my opportunity to possibly sing in my new praise band – and I took it – I get to sing once again – in HIS service – in HIS Spirit – adding my voice – it is work but so is everything that means so much…. And the work is worth it, knowing that it will all work out…  You have to say YES to working out where your faith is taking you…  You have to say YES to faith…. Perhaps the big seashell of faith will help me carryout the little things I need to carry in life too. Yes it will. Yes, pick up your faith and your faith will pick up you.

My name is written on a sticky note for the band sound board…  I am on a sticky note – no need for the permanent label – I am but a traveler in this world – not of this world but in it – and I am worthy enough for the Lord to keep me in this world one more day – one more song – one more chance to praise…  I am on a sticky note and the Lord may take me where HE needs me…

I am blessed to be sticky-note-worthy for HIM!

700 stickynoteworthy.PNG

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