Jesus Justification, 18JUN – #698



Jesus Justification, 18JUN

Justification or Jesus? Only Jesus needs to be the answer…

Would Jesus walk miles and miles for ministry? Oh yeah, He did…. I can too…

Would Jesus talk to strangers about God? Oh yeah, He did… I can too…

Would the strangers be strange to Jesus? No, He knew them all… I need to remember that too…

Would Jesus have understood discouragement, danger, the devil? Yes – and Jesus defeated them all… He still does… I need to remember that too…

Does Jesus justify the Journey? Your journey? My journey? YES – because Jesus is the Journey, the Way, the Truth, the Life.

Jesus justifies it all. Jesus justifies you. Jesus justifies me.

Jesus says keep moving with the Spirit, no extra justification needed…

Thank You, Jesus.

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