Some Fields are Blooming Now, Other Fields are Dry, 13Jul – #708



Some Fields are Blooming Now, Other Fields are Dry, 13Jul

There is a new praise band song that I sing that reminds us: “we work the fields of souls, together you and I…. Some fields are blooming now, other fields are dry…. ”

VBS season at my old church is now all dry, and we all move on to fresh soil, new blooming fields, to work for the Lord…

I was blessed to distribute some of a MASSIVE volume of excess materials to new blooming fields. Pay it forward. The bulk of excess went to 7 different places: some VBS and Sunday school programs, growing churches, a nursing home, two schools and even a children’s hospital… Much was from my dear friend Miss Bonnie, I could see her smiling down from Heaven as I hauled her buckets of crafts which included leftover supplies from when she taught my own children oh so many years ago. I spilled some glitter in my car, surely Miss Bonnie laughed at that…

I too haul my own self to new places… I myself am helping at multiple different VBS’s this summer in some small capacity with sharing materials, sharing presence, and of course prayers… turns out I know like 5 local VBS directors or more, and I also know how to make carpet tube trees at 6AM… Jesus was a carpenter, so can we be…

“We work the field of souls, together you and I, some fields are blooming now…. ” (this is a lyric from my new band’s song set)

And blooming they are – that’s why we are to look forward to our jobs that the Lord is laying out for us – look for the light, listen for the songs, follow the smell for the saving aroma of Christ – shake the sand and glitter from our sandals where we don’t fit it – and Follow Him… the un-chartered fields mean we have to see the need BEFORE we set the seed, and nurture the crops. The fields won’t bloom unless we remember to mature the seeds we planted…

Every time I bit my tongue and downplayed my own thorns these past 2 weeks, and INSTEAD spoke of God’s abundance for us, I was working the fields… every time I was comforted by a friend, they were working the fields too… God comforts us so that we can comfort others…

The Lord has work for us to do, that’s our job to keep looking forward and plowing forward… go make disciples means go find the people who need to hear the Good News… take nothing with you, just the Living Word… Don’t worry, there are dollar stores everywhere, glitter can be re-found…

Don’t worry and work the fields of souls and know that we will be VERY BUSY – there is a harvest of people out there, HUNGRY for HOPE….

God never promised that we would be walking thru a rose garden in life, however HIS path leads eternal… “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me”…. Psalm 23… Just keep walking… the Lord is with you!!!

It’s good to remind our friends to keep walking too…

PS, the glitter is travelling too, you never can get rid of the glitter, can you?…

PPS – God occasionally gives us an echo back, we don’t need to hear praise, however we like to know God is working…. and He is… oh my tears flowed after I read an email today from a VBS family last year – a child reminded her Grandma that JESUS RESCUES… I “adopted” these 3 grandkids and grandma for the week because the Lord knew I needed them just as much as they needed VBS – and all I did was share the Word, give them rides, buy some pizza and ice cream – a big banana split… And do what I could do..

We need to help the ministry of VBS seed itself…

Shipwrecked, rescued by Jesus!


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