Life gets Wild, God is Good, We Need to Take the LONGVIEW, 15JUL – #710



Life gets Wild, God is Good. We Need to Take the LONGVIEW, 15JUL

Life gets a little WILD sometimes, Well all the time… So, when life changes, God is still good. What a blessed morning I had at Vacation Bible School with a dear child who has been recovering very well from her double liver transplants… giving her mom a great relief to know she was OK at VBS – this was my honor and privilege to let her mom rest assured…

At Vacation Bible school we learned about Moses and his people – in the dessert – “When life is unfair”, “When life is scary”, “When life is good”, “When life changes”, “When life is sad” – God is still good…

You see, God owns the LONGVIEW…  The people wandering the desert could not comprehend God’s plans and often we cannot comprehend…  But when God promises He will take care of us, He really will…  We need to take the LONGVIEW as well…  We may have many wild moments but in the long haul we are going to be all right!

Our excited 5 year old VBS-er went thru many life changes last year but this year she is an energetic and a wonderful child excited for life!!!  A new liver and a new life!!!  God is good! We also will go thru many changes – but the saving grace of God is His gift of Jesus to us – to make sure we will also be ALL RIGHT – Heaven is our home – life on this earth gets wild – but keep walking my friends – keep walking…


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