Born to Save, 04Dec – #773


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Born to Save, 04Dec

Jesus on the move – a Savior born to make each of us new.

Jesus spoke to the people, “I am the LIGHT of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the LIGHT of LIFE.” John 8:12

I received my Hallmark plush Jesus,  delivered not by Mary but  online from Amazon with efficient delivery. Jesus is Light enough to be dropped into your life by even an Amazon drone, but I got Jesus thru the mail in a yellow battered envelop. We all received Jesus out from a squished brief moment of time 2020 years ago…

Look at the sweet face of this plush Jesus doll, squished in the packaging. Is He deterred? No, He is still smiling! Look at Him squished as if He was in the fetal position for a baby, but with His shoes on, ready to work. This doll has a sure demeanor we can imagine for the man Jesus would become.  One can look into the gentleness in Jesus’s face that is shown to His children. We are to know His STRENGTH and also imagine the STERNNESS of Jesus who surely could and will correct us (you and me) when we stray from the path. Surely, we also can know that plushness of His Loving Arms to Hug us, whenever we turn to SEEK HIM.

I birthed Jesus in my own heart 5 years ago, it was not painful labor but long and earth-shattering. I know that there is no fanfare for re-birthdays, only continued faith to guide me the rest of the way home, I still have much walking to do with Jesus.

I loosened this plush Jesus out of the bag and hugged Him before nestling Him in the corner of my work desk,  next to the beautiful cross painted for me by my friend.  I then ordered a second doll on Amazon for home as I discovered the JOY of seeing this Jesus doll sitting in the glorious sunshine of LIGHT! Yes, I know that in my future I will often need this placement of Jesus in my sight-line to comfort me. I know JESUS WILL BE THERE.

To get us from here to there,  Jesus came to help. Jesus came to light our darkness. Jesus came to save.

Jesus will be there.

The cross for Jesus was not sweet, the smile of a now beaten man gone and the pain of excruciating death was surely but a fraction of the agony He felt (and feels) knowing there were SO many lost children, there still are. As Christmas was the precursor to Easter week, our re-image of this pain is in Easter’s Risen Christ. We return to an image of a smile-giving Jesus when we remember our own personal Easter morning. Jesus is re-born in us. Maybe our lives leave us squished and tattered, but Jesus’s life and love finds us. Jesus makes us new.

Jesus was born to save and tell us that we are born to be saved.

Jesus came to seek and so that we may seek Him.

Merry Christmas and Happy Easter

Blessed Savior.

God is with us.

772 born 2

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