Fossil Found, 20JUN – #881


#881, 20JUN

Fossil Found

I am the fossil I was looking for – I tried looking for a fossil here in the creek bed – but I forgot my glasses – I am old and need glasses – I am a fossil at fifty – I suppose that I am the fossil I was looking for.

I am the long walk I was looking for – I like to walk and look and be – no one wants to walk or look or be involved in this old-time family time much anymore with me – life is life walking away from kid things when we used to dig in the mud and hike the land – it walks away from when we had that kind of outside fun. I still would do that – I want to do that – I must be the long walk I am looking for.

I am the quiet that I am looking for – no one wants to stay out on the deck with me –  I have the opportunity and without cars it is peace-filled with the sound of peepers, peeping birds, prominent frogs – and a splash of geese retiring for the evening on the lake right in front of me. I am waiting and I am being the quiet in a world filled with good natural sounds, even the red squirrel has retired for the evening by climbing up a pipe to sleep in the roof section next to me on this deck. I am the quiet that I am looking for.

I am the shooting star that I am looking for – no light pollution and no more clouds – no rain and no snow – temperature is perfect to be out here tonight – no way I am going to miss this opportunity – I hope it is an opportunity because last time I actively looked for shooting stars I was scared off by a skunk. I hope that I do not become the “shoot, let me get out of here” star that I am not looking for.

I am the summer time that I am looking for. I have never had such an open summer – never had free time neither. I seemed to never had time for summer – this summer I am going to take/make/be time because I am going to be the summer time that I want. This summer I am going to do summer – enjoy summer – be summer. I am warming up to summer – I love summer.

I am the Milky Way that I want to see. I am one little speck of light in a sea of milky light. you can’t see the Milky Way unless you get yourself into the pureness of dark – you have to give up the light you usually thrive on – you have to allow yourself to be brave enough to be a lone quiet light and wait in the dark. I am waiting to see the Milky Way tonight – I want to see that there is light in the dark that is not seen in the light.

I want to be the light that was lit by the Light, the little light that shines. I am not the source of Light – but catch me on fire, Lord, and let me be the reflection of Your Light. Jesus, You are the Light I need to be, I want to be, I long to see. I am in the dark of me – fill me with Your Light of Thee.

Oh Jesus – let me see You be with me.

This summer, I will just try to be.




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