God’s Consolations, 20JUN – #880


#880, 20JUN

880 camp

God’s Consolations

I was driving a familiar road, to camp, up home. I anticipated what was around the bend. Life is not always like that. Bet merely 6 months ago you could have not predicted how today would be, and yet some of the constants in life are still here: the weather with it’s summer heat, the land responding to the weather, and an ever constant in the Lord responding to our needs.

In the unbelievable contrasts in life, there is nothing like our God who majestically just IS. Life changes, God doesn’t. There is no doubt that we are self-absorbed as humans, that we cry out like Old-Testament Job for what we perceive as torment and for those things we humanly want. What a contrast when people are idled and God is strong.

There is nothing and no one that compares to God. And when you stop worrying about human aspects of life, you are called to remember that God is still here – strong,  unchangeable, waiting for whatever God is waiting for.

I am at camp, it is private, golden, stilled, quiet, 200 acres nestled in miles of state forest. It is just amazing and just here. No kids camp this summer. I stood alone in a beautiful chapel, away from chaos of these worldly times, but feeling strong in the Lord’s Peace. Even though I did not have all the mental peace I wanted, I was standing in His Peace gifted to me to experience.  There is much reckoning with aging and fading, life purpose and pitfalls that place our minds in some chaos. It’s important to return to a place that still just IS. Yet, this place, the work at the hands of man, and all places of the earth will fade away. The Kingdom here on Earth will be renewed only on the Lord’s terms… The scripture I flipped to, in a Gideon’s Bible, is from Job 15:7-11:

Are you the first man ever born?  Were you brought forth before the hills?  Do you listen in on God’s council?  Do you have a monopoly on wisdom?

“What do you know that we do not know?  What insights do you have that we do not have? The gray-haired and the aged are on our side, men even older than your father. 

“Are God’s consolations not enough for you, words spoken gently to you?”

Thru my mind runs the wonder of nature, both green and human, it’s intense peace of aloneness that’s not alone. Contrasts abound between nature and the man-made world… When it may seem so different, idleness is not so idle when nature continues without man’s influence. Last night intense thunderstorms cropped up, it was needed rain. God is letting His creation be, live and continue.

Our lives seem so real and big to us. How much bigger is God? There’s not even an answer big enough to answer that. Job was asked if he knew everything that God knew. He didn’t, we don’t.

God knows all and if we don’t take a moment to let God handle the worry of our lives, what could we possibly accomplish that He won’t. What possibly could we save that He hasn’t already. 

How and why do we wrestle with God’s plan for us also, when we should humbly just be. If the hills can be so intensely beautiful and real with life, can we navigate the bend in the road for our lives? What’s around the bend is still God’s plan. Let’s continue to be consoled by Him. Let us continue to seek His peace. God loves us so much, He has made the road back to Him, of course there will be bends in it, but He knows the path.

Change happens, but God IS.

How will this road end? Perhaps it is best to think of how it doesn’t. Our Lord Jesus was sent to forgive, to place us back into God’s Kingdom, to teach love. Jesus loved us before we knew of Him. If we accept Jesus then we can walk with His Love. We have these words of consolation: Jesus saves, Jesus knows the Way. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.

Keep living, for life is in you. Continue to live.

Keep looking for God around the bend.

Keep Jesus in heart and hand, for He already has kept His promise to God to bring us consolidated in the Kingdom. That is God’s consolation to us.

Continue around the bend.


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