Be the CRINKLE of CHRIST, 04Oct – #946


Have you ever been in one of those fancy movie theaters or even fancier Broadway musical or plays? The drama so deep, the theaters so posh, and then there’s a hush of silence except “crinkle  crinkle  crinkle” – Oh yes, the crinkled crinkling crinkles of SNACKS. SO LOUD!

At church today it was SO QUIET! Solemn, but a deafening quiet when I was seated, during the prelude, as I was late, of course… When we went to prayer, we were QUIET, when we heard the deep sermon we were pensively QUIET (except for laughter at the jokes,  haha), when we went to have Communion, what did I hear?: “CRINKLE CRINKLE CRINKLE” !!! WHAT??? Most everyone was opening their individually-wrapped communion wafer and cup, except me (OOPS), I had forgotten to pick it up, I sat quietly bundled up in my warm sweater, and wondering  if anyone noticed… I sat in AWE of the CRINKLE, that something so small could be so loud even in a big space. Was it a good crinkle? Yes. It made me smile, and smiling is good.  And was it my daily bread? Yes, today it was, even though I forgot to get a sealed cup and wafer pack, the unsealed Jesus IS my daily bread. I am amazed how small a time on Earth can be so Earthshattering. The UNSEALED Sound of the Spirit – in the people in the pews – oh it surely pleased my ears. The CRINKLE breaking the audience silence meant God’s children were breaking into their hunger and thirst for Jesus.  Jesus was broken to make us whole. How could one man, so small in the worldly world, break the religious rigidity of the time and make such a big noisy impact?  Jesus came to be known. How can faith in Jesus be so transformative? It is YOUR Spirit pushing out of your humanness. A jar of clay hard pressed on all sides but filled with spirit.  You are God’s child unwrapped. Even if your faith is small, the size of a mustard seed, it can move a mountain. Jesus is God. CRINKLE thru that. 

What’s the next step after we step out of church, having partook in the Crinkle Community of Communion? WE ARE TO: CARRY ON THE CRINKLE!!!  Jesus, is to be shared.  Broken body, broken chains, broken out onto the world… Jesus spread to others longing to know Him. 

If we don’t take our CRINKLE out into the world and make a joyful noise for Jesus, how will anybody hear?

If we don’t transmit the message of Jesus to make it a louder CRINKLE sound than the noise of the world, how will anybody hear?

If we Carry on the CRINKLE, we can BE the CRINKLE of CHRIST!!!


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