Be Peter and Paul in Your Own Way, 02NOV – #960


A good read for me which was better than any distraction that kept me away from reading: Peter and Jesus – so much to learn.

I am reading and absorbing the last paragraphs in this Michael Card book: A Fragile Stone and as I close the back cover – I remember oh how much I loved this book. He reminds us to be both Peter and Paul as we continue our Christ-like journey – Paul, a pillar of the church for his “passion and exactness” and Peter, a pillar of the church for his “courage and simplicity”.

My goal, our goal, is to find both of them in us – be bold in faith and be a “bridge” to faith (like Peter to the Gentiles). Michael Card says Peter teaches us that we need to “[let go of our possessions and power, let go of our position and authority]” – to be a towel and basin servant, to be Jesus-sharing to peoples unknown… Far and wide we must travel like Peter to meet the people Jesus needs us to meet, not just physically but culturally. We are the hands and feet to reach the ears and hearts for the next awakening souls. We are to serve at the call of our Lord, not lord over our causes.

Our goal is to find Jesus in us – not to hold on to our presets and goals. We must serve – and we must listen. We need to be built upon, learn spiritually and soulfully, like Peter – and grow old in our faith years. 

I know if God had a plan for me, He has a plan for each and every one – He has a plan for you, and Jesus is our navigator. Let’s keep making time to travel ,grow, and be. Let’s be of Thee!.




I did not know about Peter in the many ways that I do now. If anyone would like a copy of this book – only $4 on ebay – I have bought 4 of them now. so good… so good…

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