Fed Sheep – Feeling Full, JUL – #1213


My Writings about My Dad,

So, as you know, I have been writing for over 6 years now, which I believe is because the Lord has set me on this path of both processing and encouragement. “Strengthen your brothers” – “Feed My sheep” – these are commands of Jesus that I take seriously. I also know that He needs me to listen and learn.

Therefore, it was and is a major healing for me to write for processing during those first days of my Dad’s passing last month and to edit and post. A writing gift for my processing sure, and perhaps a comfort to others. Fittingly, for the writing that very morning, before I knew the severe downturn of my Dad’s health, I had written a piece about giving one’s time over to the Lord, sacrificing one’s own agenda and being ready for His. Well, YES…

So now I have edited and assembled these writings to post on my blog page. Thank you for letting me share. 

Here are the links to each writing: click the plus symbol,  upper left corner: https://debbieupper.blog/

Oldest to newest by dates – I retro posted these near the dates but not until this week… it was good to edit them and reflect.

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