Will It Matter? 24SEP – #1258


The Rapture. 

Will it matter our past chitter chatter?

Will it matter the day after?

After Rapture?

After Capture?

After Earth’s later disaster?

I bet it won’t matter, not even a splitter splatter. 

It won’t matter the talk, the squawk or their faint pitter patter.

After Rapture. 

So let’s forgive now, forgive all that’s before us AND the latter.

Normal stuff, bitterness, strife? 

Little stuff certainly won’t matter. 

Don’t even be the tittle-tattler.

Don’t linger in anyone’s sin or our cruel laughter. 

So let’s NOW set aside others’ failures faster.

Will we even understand on that day or even the day after?

Will we cry for those left behind after Rapture?

Will we withstand seeing earthly disaster after our blessed heavenly capture?

Can we urge all to NOW work humbly, worship Jesus, bow down and don’t miss the Rapture Capture. 

We WILL rejoice in our own Heavenly Master.

Only serving our Savior will ultimately matter.

Oh that we would choose Him now, not the day after.

The Rapture.

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