Leaves from a Tree


Inspired – but written for all of us who have lost a loved one.

Leaves from a Tree

People pass away like leaves fall from a tree.

Some are too young, beautiful green and ripped off in a breeze.


Many we know are just entering their prime.

Yet some have aged, not crumbled, and we say: “they put in their time”.


Others fall brilliantly in layers of color.

Death early but expected, leaves and lives filled with strength and valor. 


Let us keep good memories alive, let them rustle around. 

Savor them like fall leaves as they cover the ground.


Variegated lives leave memories, they DAZZLE.

Souls up to in Heaven, let us follow the narrow road they travel.


We don’t always know the time or the place. 

But blessedly we pray each knows God’s Grace.


It is forgiveness we too must embrace. 

Don’t hold bad memories, not even a trace.


They led unique lives in all the beautiful splendor. 

Know their work was purposeful, and their hearts were so tender. 


All generations seem short lived as they pass thru the grave. 

Fallen friends are like leaves, let us all kiss them goodbye and wave.


Loved ones leave, but their LOVE we still embrace.

Remember them Lord, THEY RAN A GOOD RACE.

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