Almighty vs not, 24NOV – #1314


God IS – but evil isn’t 

Almighty va anemic 

Blesses vs badgers

Convicts vs condemns 

Delights vs disappoints

Encourages vs exacerbates

Establishes vs eats-away

Exists vs expires

Forevers vs fouls 

Frankness vs falseness

Faithful foolishness vs frustrating fakeness

Follow vs fumble

Grows you vs ghosts you

Graceful vs greedy

Glory vs gone

Heals vs hassles

Hope vs horrifies

Heaven vs hell

I AM vs it was

In-filling vs influence 

Image-bearing vs imaginary 

JOY vs jostling 

Jewels vs junk

Knows you vs knocks you

Loves you vs loses you

Made you vs messes with you

Magnificent vs mischievous 

Now vs never 

Orchestrations vs obstacles 

Persuades vs pollutes 

Quiets you vs questions you

Reaches vs rolls back

Riches vs risk

Surprise vs stupefy

Teaches vs trips you up

Universal vs underfoot

Victorious vs vile

Wealth vs waste 

Wows vs wobbles

XOXOXO hugs and love vs xyz excuses 

Yahweh vs yesterday 

Zion vs zilch

Zenith vs zero

Amen just AMEN.

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