Paper Survives, but He Lasts Forever, 01DEC – #1322


There are strange things that give us joy… and even you can say we/I am prideful…  but as I am not prideful about writing, I do take some pride even if dumb pride even if wrong pride in the CURATING of my writing chapters.  It’s worth the money to print and there are good coupons at Office Max. Yes, the internet may fade, but paper you have to move it. It will last likely after the trumpet blast. 

Single sided this is probably 2 reams plus of paper for just the 1st 500 writings of 1300.  I printed one set already which I keep at home, and I am printing a second set to keep at work, because I simply want to have 2 sets to give my children. They don’t necessarily want my writing now but I hope someday they will appreciate that I want to leave this as a legacy NOT of me but of the Holy Spirit working and of me appreciating the Holy Spirit…

I’m not saying that my writing has to go anywhere but the Lord knows what the volume of paper means to me… I am always interested and how the Lord uses us…

And this immense processing forced me to share because I cannot take this journey by myself… 

This paper means infinitely more than me printing my PHD thesis.   This paper also means LITTLE compared to the NEW DAY in front of us. EVERYDAY GOD WRITES ON OUR HEARTS! Write on Lord!

God be with us all.

Share Him.

Thanks, Lord, for putting me to work…


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