God Sighting Still Here, 14DEC – #1333


It’s an understatement to say the Lord was batting 1000 and rolling all strikes in my brain readjusting it to an awakened state 7 years ago. There was lots of dust to blow off my spiritual eyes. 

This is my favorite Christmas paper theme forever now, I have small swatches still in special locations.  Yes, doves mean so much in the scriptures: peace doves, doves from Noah’s hope of finding land, doves offered as sacrifice to the Lord for the poorest people, and the Holy Spirit descending like a dove upon Jesus. White doves of peace mean much to us, as we want peace.

I’ve been rereading my old writing at Christmas in 2014, this is a couple days after my pre-awakening-faith-questioning-diatribe. This is so early it predates any blog or sharing, but an email to myself in capturing the moment. 

I still feel the gasp. God is always there, we open up our spiritual eyes to see. I was in a heart head struggle and God was winning. He never gives up on us. The force IS not just strong, He IS the force of God…

Thanks for reminiscing with me.

22DEC2014 God Sighting

Today, with the thought of the Michael Card song “Come to the Cradle, come and find peace” in my head – I walked past my door decoration at work for maybe the five hundredth time (I wrap my door every year…the only decoration I had time to put up this year) …and  I put it up a month ago, thinking it was festive without being too religious in a secular work setting… I saw it new.

Well it hit me  just then that it was a PEACE DOVE as in the Prince of Peace Jesus… I verbally gasped…geez…really God? my inner Darth Vader said “the force is strong with this one”


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