In Good Company… 30DEC – #1353


It’s maybe unusual, but for me it is not morbid to check out my own gravesite. I mean I got a great deal on it, $ not so much! Mostly it is about preparing an easier way for your kids to take care of you. This is a beautiful spot overlooking the lake, and even if that side of the hill might roll down eventually in erosion, LOL, at least I am in good company as the stretch has spots for many of my relatives, plus all our grandparents on the other side of the road. Good company. I also like how the spot next to me, not a relative, already placed three benches. Maybe someone will sit and reflect there – and be taken by the view to overcome their sadness. 

That’s just the point. Our view of the next life should overcome our sadnessThere’s good stuff coming…  And we will be in GOOD COMPANY!

My Dad’s grave is in a separate cemetery in the valley of our tiny city, near his parents and many brothers and family, and immediately behind his friends from his service club. Oh my, JOKERS! But hard-working folks, lovers of people, a gregarious group for sure… it’s quite the visual of the lineup… it makes us smile… GOOD COMPANY… I can hear their laughter… You think it’s Rest in Peace? This shows that it is Reminisce in Peace. (Rabblerouse in Peace too)… Fun.

It’s not that we wish this world away, no, this earth is good garden soil for tilling faith. It’s not we should get bent out of shape here either with the situation and stop tilling the faith, Jesus Himself said: “I have told you these things, so that in ME you may have PEACE. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (HE HAS, I read ahead).

Recently I have been watching the Disney plus documentaries about King Tut – my Dad’s favorite from Egypt – he loved the gold and the mystery and we got an opportunity to see some King Tut artifacts when the traveling tour made it to the US.  Apparently he was buried in a rush, perhaps he died young on a battlefield and was buried by the next ruler (not of the blood line) – he was clearly buried to be “forgotten” –  not even his heart was included in the body which was thought to be needed to rise to the afterlife. He was club footed and in pain much of his days. His life was not perfect and although his artifacts don’t detail his family tree, DNA evidence showed generations of inner marrying and genetic gene pool depletion. Turns out that King Tut was buried in a smaller than normal tomb – with borrowed items and he was mostly stricken from the history records. Of course you can’t take it with you – and riches tend to be robbed – but being forgotten, because of the non-traditional burial, the grave robbers probably did not know where to look and overlooked this grave of treasures. King Tut is now the most famous name and face of an Egyptian ruler. Overlooked then becomes good now, forever remembered. 

We are NEVER forgotten by our Father, no matter the size of our grave, the marker, the flowers, or the time. We are never overlooked, not while alive or when we die, as believers we are in Good Company, because Jesus has overcome it all. We may not have the golden life (even if we own all the gold like King Tut) but we have the GOODNESS of God – who is worth more than all the gold.

UNCHANGING GOODNESS. UNCHANGING GOD. HE IS GOOD COMPANY. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.


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