Do You Hear What I Hear? 


Name above all Names 

The book I love, and bought it as it called out to me when I saw it for $10. This book and certain passages is clearly a way for God to remind me both of His abilities and of His Majesty. It’s a book now that I have purchased many ebay used copies (for only $5) to give to preacher friends. 

This paragraph on page 71 describes me. I heard the Word in human voices and THEN heard the Word in Jesus’s voice. I saw the faith, then I knew the faith. I woke up from a long sleep. I was born again but it took a month – it took the head forceps to get me out of the darkness of my own head. I was born from my mother the first time and they used forceps – I was born by and thru the Sprit and JESUS PULLED!

When Jesus speaks, His SHEEP (US) HEAR HIM.


The Name Above All Names page 71 text reads: “but one night as he came home, he “happened” to pick up a recording of a sermon we had preached. The young man listened to the sermon every day for a month. On the last day of the month, he came to a living faith in Christ. What happened? He presumably did not realize what was happening to him; Christ was calling him; only slowly did that dawn on him. He heard the same human voice again and again, but then at last he heard the voice of Christ and responded.”

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