Taste Easter AND Salvation


To prepare our palettes for Easter goodies, it’s good to clean out the fridge, ESPECIALLY if you’re getting Amish market faire for all your side dishes and dessert. (I’m only cooking a ham, haha! awesome)

To prepare OURSELVES for Easter, it’s good to clear out our hearts and heads too and make them ready (and only fill them with LOVE not fluff). 

Shopping at the Amish market, means NO WORK to prepare the meal. Yes, it does cost some,  but minimal, and seriously it is NO WORK. 

Salvation gifted from Jesus cost A LOT, but we didn’t pay, He did.  WE DID NO WORK. This gift is ALL from His Sacrifice, from Him paying the price, seriously a ransom for us at the highest cost was still worth it to Him. We could NOT do anything for eternal life except accept it, KNOWING that we NEED Jesus to cleanse our sins. We DO need to believe in Him, JESUS, as the One God sent to hear our repent. 

So this Easter my prayer is for everyone to open up their hearts and their heads (and their refrigerators) and ACCEPT the BEST BLESSING OF ALL! JESUS JOY!!!!  Endless Easter in Eternal Life!!!  

God Bless You All and Happy Easter!


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