Can I Have 5 Years of Your Forever?


Especially at the holidays, we miss many friends and family… and can’t even get to visit so many…

Time, money, mobility and more… often we just don’t have logistics to make it happen…

Thank God for writing (He invented it).

Thank God for telephones and video calls (He knows the best inventor minds to inspire).

Thank God that You gave us LOVE that we desire to be together (God God God).

God wants us in His Forever. 

I have a friend who has moved away,

An Aunt I miss calling every other day.


I miss my Dad, yet I STILL hear all his advice. 

In Heaven to see them would be so so FOREVER nice.


It’s hard to find 5 minutes let alone 5 years of time here on earth.

Our abilities and mobilities are our dearth.


Our friends, we pray, some day to see.

In Forever, oh how heavenly that place will be.


Can I have 5 years of your forever to chat?

Can people have moments in heaven to heal a spat?


What would it mean to sit at the Lord’s Table?

Loved and see all who have been made able.


Oh what Heavenly TIME the Lord IS giving.

Seeing our family our friends, will be our THANKSGIVING. 


Let us accept the Lord’s invitation, accept His Way.

And worship Him FOREVER and today.


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