Feel the Lightning, 03FEB – #55



Feel the Lightning, 03FEB

I wonder what people think of my journey – but I don’t worry too much because it is still between me and God of where I was and where I am…

I certainly benefited from preparing my fields for rain and I took some time to contemplate almost everything around me… sure – you could suggest I over analyze everything – but when exciting times are all around, you don’t want to miss out on ANYTHING!

…and yet I wonder if people think this journey was TOO easy – well it wasn’t – yeah sure it was a quiet journey and wasn’t filled with blockbuster movie scenes of tormented pain, tragic losses, marvelous car crashes, health hells… nope – wasn’t like that at all – and I don’t think your journey has to be the “movie of the week” material….  slow and steady wins the race – God’s time and patience – yes, that is my story…  quiet yet moving – filled with grace that was already given.  Before I took Jesus up into my heart, I was half way (well two thirds there – believing in God and the Holy Spirit – and always praising – but this last third, accepting Jesus, was a juggernaut in my disbelief system – a mountain which I have moved now – I feel I am still growing but so so there….

Sure – sometimes we think (I think) that coming to Jesus should have involved a momentous experience – me in the Dukes of Hazard car going airborne  – screaming at the top of my lungs and a miraculous appearance of a 60-foot snow drift – or tractor bed filled with soft hay – to catch us and return us safely back to earth…. and yeah,  I have certainly have heard those tales of awakening –  I was certainly held on the edge of my seat wanting to know more….

Perhaps you did or want to feel a lightning bolt – or maybe you fear feeling a lightning bolt because you don’t want to be changed… Ben Franklin supposedly felt a big lightning bolt during his kite and the key experiment – how brave – how stupid… But then, how did he utilize that info? Whom did he tell? How did he take what he learned into a movement towards the amazing age of electricity?

After we have felt a lightning bolt of faith growth,  what should we do with that lightning? that info? that feeling?  … I bet our friend Franklin did that experiment a few times again  (why wouldn’t he?) he experimented in the country and in the city – I have to think that he kept doing this experiment to have more data….

I can be assured that lighting strikes many times in your area – of course they do. But what do you do with a lightning strike to your faith? Would you make good use of it? Will lightening strike again and again if you need it to?

What if  Benjamin Franklin tied his kite string to a fence and what if he cautiously approached the key… I wonder if he wanted to know what the shock felt like. Some people probably approach the throne of God as they tantalize about the concept of Jesus but they are afraid to touch the key… perhaps they are afraid of the shock – and yet, little do they know, that they would be in for the most energizing boost of all their lives.

Have you felt lightning? I have… I was maybe 20 feet away from a strike – I was outside running between a pavilion and my car… yeah tempting fate and ended up getting too close to the lightning before I was safely in my car.  The heat was unbelievable! The flash hurt my eyes. And the sound was as loud as you could imagine God’s roar… I would not tempt that kind of fate again… well – maybe…

So I went on this unknown journey of faith – I don’t know if I was worried about being struck by lightning… Did I feel the energy in the air?  Yes most definitely!!!  Did the thunderous sound of God catch my attention? You better believe it did! Did it make my hair stand up on end? Oh yeah!!  In my faith journey I was tempted to touch the key… I got closer and closer and I then prayed for the key to touch…  and the key fit into my soul… the energy transferred… the Lord came to me in the most gentle of ways.  I will use my God lightning from here on out to serve God at to give Jesus the honor He is due.

Would you approach lighting?  Don’t let it get so bad that lightning has to kill you – don’t get so dead that lightning has to be used like a defibrillator to wake you up …… maybe you know people who need a jolt to wake up… maybe they or you just need to feel the energy and taste a little zap… you will want that zap again – trust me – you will ask for it everyday…

Would you dissipate all the gained electricity as heat – screaming? Maybe you should be an engineer and hook up the machines and capture that lightning for future use. Only a few are called by terrific heartbreaking jaw-dropping blockbuster-movie lightning strike… and only a few of those people are called to spread that lightning in the form of energy to others.

Nope, my journey was not a blockbuster movie…  there was no direct lightning strike…but yes, I did feel the electricity all around me – and I did approach the powerful energized key….  my excess energy emanates now – not as heat but now as writing and in praise… and in song…

PERHAPS (yes I know the answer to this) perhaps there are many many people who can relate to my story – a quiet story – maybe you are on your own journey to find your own key…

So many people still need to come to terms with their faith –  many people have hearts that need to crack open and yes, they need to feel the energy…

God is Good – feel His energy inside of you… long for that repeat lightning strike…

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