Holy Family Girl Scouts, 03FEB – #54



Email, 03FEB, (check out the “Rock Climbing” and “God sent ice” essays in Jan)

Holy Family Girl Scouts, 03FEB

rock climbing jan2015b

This cross was in the background of my rock climbing buddies on that most moving of nights when I failed to learn to belay, and it was the ice storm that enabled me to stay there an extra hour and complete my training – guiding me was a most calm and consistent trainer – Keith is his name….  (see writings in Jan)

My Girl Scout Leader and my “Holy Family” fellow scout moms were both there for me and also gave me the space I needed to decompress that night…
Date: Feb 3,
To: GS leader

Now that I have shared that first set of 50 writings with you, I have to tell you… that the first thing I saw on this photo was the cross on the back wall…

I love my holy family girl scouts…
Thank you for your most amazing support that night…I truly needed it. thanks

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