An Open Love Letter, 08FEB – #61




Easter came early, so Valentines did too!!!

An Open Love Letter to God, on Valentine’s Day, thanks to that Subaru

A friend of ours had a car accident – he wrecked his truck… first I texted to make sure he was okay and then I texted:  “Look on the bright side now you can buy a Subaru…” 😉 I immediately texted another mutual friend (who was going to see this first friend in just 5 minutes from that moment) and said “Hey when you see him  – ask him when he’s going to buy a Subaru…”  hehe funny… 😉

It dawned on me just a couple days ago that my beloved Japanese Subaru had a true connection to the Japanese Kintsukuroi pottery – where gold is applied in the cracks of broken pieces – restoring them to beauty.  I have discussed this sermon from our pastor a few times because it so fits me and so many I know… it is my favorite sermon of his (so far).. when a piece of pottery is broken, the Japanese artists recreate the piece with the cracks filled in with gold. This makes its cracks and flaws look beautiful and it is even more artistic and beautiful after is repaired.  This is just like when God puts his golden repairs in our cracks and flaws and we are more beautiful because of them….we don’t need to hide our flaws – but we should show off our God-golden repairs.
… I wasn’t looking for that Kintsukuroi connection to my Subaru – I really wasn’t – until it dawned on me while driving this week, that the physical location where I have been repaired most by God, for my cracks and flaws, took place INSIDE my Subaru, which is Japanese,  just like the Kintsukuroi pottery….. and My Subaru has been MY temple – MY place of worship – in my hour commutes –  I have worshiped in it by listening to sermons on CD and I am able to sing with all my might … Christmas music and some divinely stirring praise music and mainstream artists whose songs strengthen me…and lately we have been kissed by the wispy snowflakes that make my Subaru Forrester dance and make me smile and appreciate the gifts from God.

While my Subaru is dancing in therapeutic ways, God’s messages have stuck in my soul. Some people hope the snow doesn’t stick …some people hope it does….no matter what, we should always hope that God’s corrective action sticks within us….  God’s golden repairs… I had no idea where this road would take me and as a extra bonus, I can see and appreciate God’s wanting to sending some golden repairs to improve the future.

Recently I have renewed a college connection in the form of a pastor, coincidentally or God-cidentally, a press release came out about his new book (he graduated about 6-8 years after us) and he lives super close to us… I don’t know why God chose him to inspire us and put him in the mix to unite us – but you have to take notice when God does those things!

At my college, the telescopes were/are amazing, some hand built and some purchased… All of these are easily accessible to the public and even freshmen can get their hands on them. It’s cold there…. Freezing temps would be nice and warm compared to the average temp, because at midnight in those barely insulated telescope domes… whew, that’s COLD!!!…. The remote location is ideal as there is very little light pollution… the only problem is… it does snow and rain there a lot… it’s often very cloudy… but when the skies are open they’re really open! You can look in wondrous amazement at the Milky Way any clear night.  Once I even saw a guest appearance of the Northern Lights… Head out of this one traffic light town into the way way outskirts…and the sky’s the limit….there is no limit to the amazement of the beauty in the sky!

So, in one astronomy class, a marvelous photography project showed a great telescope photo (think old school film developing – nothing digital back then) of the Pleiades, a star cluster – with blue stars, which is located near Orion in the winter sky… Orion is the most visible-distinguishable of winter constellations…and the Pleiades are nestles near…444 light years away…

So, guess what the symbol of the Subaru car is… you can find it right on the front… can you guess? It’s so divine….it’s a picture of the Pleiades… I did not know that fact until I was well into my 16+ year history with my 2 Subarus…I have traveled nearly 400,000 miles in these two Subaru foresters…one green and one blue… the 2008 blue one (I got pre-owned in 2011) helped me get over my mourning for my 12 + year 1999 green one (my first new car ever in the fall of 1998 – a gift to myself for graduating with my PhD and landing an awesome postdoc position) – the green one lasted 271,000 miles…. after it died I contemplated installing it in my yard just as a quiet thinking place….12 + years green ….  3 + years (so far) blue subaru…. always moving….16 + years….

One last mention about the LOVE of my Subarus and the connection to the Pleiades which UNITES all of these thoughts in this essay (an early valentine’s day)….   Do you know what the word Subaru means in Japanese? I only discovered that definition today – It means UNITE… Yes divine God-sightings continue….

Thank you God for using the Pleiades and my alma mater and all our extended church family to continue to UNITE us all…

Thank you God for using my Subaru in a Holy Way, with the help of my church family, and your Word to UNITE me to You Heavenly Father and to Your Son…

Thank you God for using the Heavenly stars to safely travel me approximately 400,000 + miles and 444 light years in YOUR TIME. I guess I always wanted to be a wiseman – wisewoman – I had been following the stars all this time – I will always follow the stars to YOU!



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