Christmas Today, Trust God Everyday, 08Feb – #62



Christmas Today, Trust God Everyday,  08Feb

A truly blessed day…emotionally exhausting…but blessed day…

The powerful worship service and the personal prayers after moved so many today…the message of Jesus choosing his disciples…who were just like us…not perfect…plus the music and the mix of people…moved so many. In the pew in front of me was this candle…a Christmas eve candle forgotten…perhaps it was there for me… I did say at Christmas I burn my candle at both ends and chew on the middle for food…I took it… a refresher candle…and I will treasure it…as I treasure some healing steps this week…

…see I had Christmas just after Christmas, moved to Easter just last Sunday on Feb 1st (Superbowl Sunday) when I made that move from a 99.44% upto 100% commitment to believing in Jesus…I made this in the 911 Garden of Refection, holding the steel, when I picked up a coin with the scripture of John 3:16 and accepted 100%…

…and yesterday became Valentine’s day… today Christmas again…a true gift…

After the moving service we got to eat as family at cracker barrel…(parked near a blue Subaru Forester) … the long wait was fine because one of our children’s beloved daycare teachers was there with her newborn 6-week old son,…a Christmas baby, Dec 26…
…After lunch, I was waiting to pay the bill with a Christmas gift card…just behind me someone said “you have to trust God”….Huh? did I hear that right? In the middle of a store? I turned to the lady behind and asked: “Did I just hear someone’s say Trust God?’ “…she says “Yes that was my sister”… I didn’t know the context but I just had to reaffirm that you should always trust God… & the lady agreed…
… two minutes later we were in the parking lot and I walk by a car with the license plate “you have a friend in Jesus” … and that lady? She hops into yet a third blue Subaru Forester.

I shivered.

I will always Trust God, 100%. Amenchristmas candle #62.PNG

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