writing a new book for the bible? funny, May 15- #150, 151


150, 15May

I had to laugh when I drove by the theatre company near my work and saw this sign…. I think I might have to go see this play…. “How to write a new book for the Bible”.

I wonder what that’s all about!




Apparently we moved from duplicating scriptures to duplicated books today…
What’s duplicating for you these days?

ONE book I saw this morning and then a random book at the dollar store had the same author, sigh….
This second book about dealing with anger and  understanding people with anger issues. It’s a ready good read so far (and I don’t even like to read, lol)…. and it has a good chapter on forgiveness, which I know angry people have a hard time doing….

Well worth the dollar, especially this  week where someone’s old anger took me by surprise….good pensive read…turn the other cheek…

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