Thank you to Michael Card for “Come to the Cradle” – #149



Email thank you to songwriter for “Come to the Cradle”

Thank you Michael Card!!
I am 100% Christian now, 100% with Jesus with your musical help.

Your song “Come to the Cradle – Come and Find PEACE” was instrumental (vocal too) in drawing me closer to Jesus. My church’s praise band played it during our christmas concert and then again during regular worship as an extra piece which our praise band leader, Anthony, wonderfully fit into your “The Promise” …  He added it special in a wonderful arrangement and I appreciate it – because listening to it as well as your version over and over again has been a comfort to me while God moved me from being about 50:50 with Jesus to 100% within the timeframe of mid December to Feb. It was a swift pruning and re-grafting of my spirit to the True Vine. 

There was no lightning strike, no miraculous life turn around – it was truly a simple but overwhelmingly powerful calling that God wanted to do some corrective action on my brain… and THANK GOD that Jesus was there to comfort me – to help me find peace in the form of a small baby…  

I felt compelled to resolve my questions and I actually reached out to our praise band leader NOT because of the song but because of his amazing touching guest sermons. He always said at the end of those four guest sermons, which I had on CD, ‘If you are having any questions – or if you have doubts – please come after the service and I will pray with you’. So one day I got over my embarrassment and I decided to take him up on that offer.

My Subaru had/has become my tabernacle and I listened to his sermons (and the music) in my car during my hour commute – since I never had a chance to actually get into the service as I was running around the church teaching sunday school, chasing after my kids etc…   I could always hear the praise band playing thru the walls of the church – it was always a great sound penetrating the rest of the church….  but I was convicted of not feeding myself spiritually (even though I am our women’s group president, the leader of our vacation bible school). Now I religiously get myself into contemporary praise service (even set an alarm to leave sunday school in time) because it means so much to me to re-feed myself some praise time with song…  and thankfully I can praise sing all week long in my long commutes.

I had to process this overwhelming time in my life by writing it out and I have written over 200 pages (both process and devotional praise) – not by choice – but by the need to say “OMG – I can’t believe what is happening to me!”  – and truly I know that “MY story” is not mine at all – it is God’s story, because He told me to give my life to HIM – He continues to move me in His sandbox he calls Earth –  and Lord knows where I am headed – but it is fun to ride along! I so look forward to next Christmas which will be my first 100% and hear that song played by our praise band again.

This overwhelming change that was occurring in me caused me to reach out to both former pastors and spiritual advisers and they were so awesome in coming alongside of me when they could see that I was building a new faith. And then when I was really really close to 100% ( I like to say I was 99.44% like ivory soap) I reached out to my own Pastor and wow – was he and I overwhelmed with joy! We are journeying together now – what a fruitful journey it will be!  I am no longer ashamed of where I was – I do question why this transformation didn’t take place before I was 45 yrs old – but only God knows… and I am praising that I get to tell my story both in person and in text…  

Anyway – please just know that your music was and is “Prevenient Grace” for me and of course for millions of people – it must have been God’s almighty hand guiding you to write and perform that song – I truly appreciate it! 

God Bless You!!! God Bless your amazing faith and skills!!

In 100% Jesus, I found the Prince of Peace…

Thank you,


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