What Tool am I ?, 13JUN – #185


He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46

Continuing in the autopsy phase of a new Christian… but a good question for all….

What Tool am I ?

I have been made whole in Jesus.

God used some of his sharpest tools in the shed to quickly and efficiently prune a few sections of my branch, but most importantly to re-graft me properly to the True Vine… And he was obvious about it that… He wanted me to notice… He did that, in my opinion, so that I would notice when He HOLY SPIRIT moves me, in words and deeds.

So God had this amazing plan and He wants me and you to cooperate fully, to be 100% at the ready…. Yeah… that’s the plan… Are you ready to be used by God for His plan not yours?

To cooperate fully in God’s plan means to find the greatest joy, the greatest strength… and when you give up yourself you will find yourself… Trust me…

So, what tool am I supposed to be in God’s toolbox?

How does God want to use me?

As Carbon paper (or a copy machine) – replicate (as exactly as possible) the perfect love that God shares.

As an Amplifier – repeat the good news at a good volume, allow more to notice God’s powerful plans for themselves by seeing what he had done in you and others

As a Multi prong outlet – share your energy with others

As a pick up wagon, then as a bonfire (or a compost) – gather the other people’s dead branch trimming that God has pruned and burn them or compost them. Clear the dead branches to get them out of the way, clean up the mess, say “Move along, nothing to see here”, return the energy to God. Let the improved people move on with their lives with less burdensome baggage which would be dragging them down. And demonstrate to others in a way that they see just the good in them and not their past sins.

As a striker, sparking embers into flames – humbly personally see that intensification of the faith in others, rekindling their “soul on fire” like in the song…. rekindling of embers of seasoned wood.

As a campfire – allow people to come sit relax take stock of their faith, maybe even sing a praise song or two with their fellow weary travelers.

As sandpaper – be refining, BUT choose your grit wisely, human instincts can be rough… be careful not to draw blood… To some people, perhaps you are called to just allow them to fine tune and become smoother.

As a mirror, reflecting the signs of how their lives are blessed when you are grateful for their generosity. And sometimes as a mirror, silently reflecting how destructive behavior sucks the life out of situations.

As the seed-sower – spreading the good news of Jesus and salvation

As the watering can – saving up God to share with someone else. ONLY God can do the watering of the seeds that are planted, but perhaps you can collect some of that God Water, and share it…. See who looks a little dry and sprinkle on over….Help them out, in a God way.

As the washing machine and soap scrubber, perhaps you can help other people air and wash their dirty laundry and grievances (even against you) that need to be forgiven. If Jesus is the water that can wash us clean, why not provide the opportunity for forgiveness. If they have sinned against you, even better for you to provide not the “Calgon” of the seventies TV commercials but the reminder of “Calvary”. God loves doing the laundry, He loves it when people come out clean.

You DON’T need to be God’s pruner… He will be the driving force for that. He doesn’t want you to cut the branches in others…. sure sometimes you can’t help but suggest trims with spray paint markings to catch God’s eye faster… But God is more precise and less painful than any cut you could do… He’s got the vision remember? You catch a glipmse but He’s the ultimate “Big Picture Guy”.

So time to be ready in His toolbox, with one’s own unique tool set… might as well prepare yourself… hone your skills while waiting… even pack a lunch… and be ready to be called into duty – to be used to craft the GREATER glory that God intends for all of us.

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