Moving the Mountain that is ME! 19JAN – #340



Moving the Mountain that is ME! 19JAN

I started a fitness encouragement page, Facebook is so easy, snap a photo, share a recipe… Encourage!

And I have lots of tools and tidbits to share (and of course will make clear that I am NOT a health professional)…. It is tough to not appear boastful, but I have studied the pages others have, and I want to educate and encourage… Honestly it’s accountability too, encouraging each other keeps us on our toes… Don’t fall asleep in your health, (DON’T fall asleep in your faith either…)

Wake up and move your mountains, God will be there with the tools… (The old adage… God helps those who help themselves… Well, God helps everyone, it’s up to us to accept the help).

When God moves a mountain, sometimes that mountain is YOU!!! That was ME!!!!!! I WAS the mountain – asleep in my health – and totally asleep in my faith!!! God awoke me, I am HIS child and excited to play on HIS team…

The key to life is discernment… Knowing what you can change and what you can’t… My first outreach for prayer (and constant prayer) is for discernment… I honestly didn’t know I could change my health, I thought I was trapped in my grandmother’s body. I didn’t even start out last year to lose weight, I started fitness workouts to gain energy to play basketball with my son, and hockey… and then changed my eating and it all fell into place… And I am NOT perfect, I put in the effort and I was and I am forgiving of myself… I had NO goals, just FAITH in that this was the right thing to do… looking back now I can see the tool set I was gifted with and I simply wasn’t using the basic knowledge we all know, calories in… calories out… it’s ALL math… God loves math… and Lord knows I do too… (FYI, you know the silly “52” numbers God throws my way? 5-10 times a day still… Well on the 25th of October, my birthday, I had lost 52 pounds… Yeah, God makes my head spin, He tells me to BE STILL, so that HE can be in charge of spinning it, LOL)…

I like to make the best with what life has handed me… not everyone gets the same tools that I did, but it’s up to us to pick ours up anyways – and start working… my neighbor and her workouts and her health advice REALLY was the HOLY SPIRIT placed right next to me… the church fitness club started a few months later an amazing “coincidence”… my awakening most definitely was involved and there a very poignant early conversation that made me realize my faith and health were connected –  that this was a gift of God’s correction bringing it all together… this was ALL because of God moving me to get my act together… THIS was happening because HE wished me to be the best I could be for HIS purpose… See NOT just for me… If it is the “field of dreams” movie – and that catch phrase: “ease HIS pain”… Well God fixed-fixes me for Himself, to work HIS plan… I just now understand that Jesus was the ticket to ride along… Thanks God!

The tools… Again, I didn’t ask God to move the mountain of my health, I realized the mountain was in front of me already, instead HE moved tools into place and wanted me to climb, HE moved ME… When they say God moves mountains, sometimes you, yourself, ARE the mountain!

Yes, your mountain can be your mindset… You can have misery or joy in the same circumstances depending on your mindset…

I do feel like I had cheated, because I was awakening at the exact same time I started my fitness-eating regime… Salvation is the best free ticket for focus…

So, it’s NOT going to be the same for everyone, but either way I have tools and tricks of the trade to share thru e-mail and Facebook… May God bless this venture, there is nothing to sell, it’s all for God’s glory in seeing HIS people moving their mountains.

SO, I want to encourage and educate people on my tricks of the trade… Food, exercise, and for me spiritual growth… Your body is a temple!!! A temple for worshiping GOD!

It wasn’t overnight to lose the weight, because it didn’t take me overnight to have gained that weight in the first place… Simple changes pay off over time…

God moved the mountain, that mountain WAS ME!!!

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